Sunday, March 31, 2013

An Easter Alter

This is my first time celebrating Easter in a very long time.

 This year, I've decided to celebrate it the most comfortable way I know how. 
My Easter Alter
Consists of bright colored candles, two halves of a geode. 
A nest of bird eggs, and bird bones, crystals, feathers, acorns, moss, and incense. 

Easter is a time of rebirth, and awakening. The Earth is now in spring and things are in abundance once again. Easter originated from a Pagan holiday that followed the Lunar Calendar, the first Sunday after the first full moon of the Spring Equinox. 
It can also be celebrated on the Vernal or Spring Equinox. Easter is also known as Ostara, or Eostre. 
It is a holiday that symbolizes baby animals, eggs, bunnies and spring. 

I grew up thinking Easter was something different, and honestly didn't care to celebrate it,
 or I did without putting full heart into anything.
Last year I celebrated by decorating eggs.

This year Sterling and I planted grass in the back yard, and wild flowers around the tree lines. 
We asked the Earth to grow and gave our yard some water. 
We will also light the candles on our alter and make some goals for new beginnings. 
I really do consider myself so lucky to have found a partner with the same beliefs that I have.


  1. 'Hope you find peace and love this Easter Day!

    1. Thanks Sue! Yesterday was an extremely peaceful day! Sterling and I were commenting on how at peace we felt as we drove home from visiting family. :)

  2. This makes me quite sad. Easter never originated as a pagen holiday. It has nothing to do with spring or the earth. We're not required to make an alter of any sort. We celebrate Easter because that is the day that Christ rose from the grave after dying on a cross for the sins of the entire world. All Jesus wants from us is our hearts. Nothing less.

    1. I'm glad we were all born with free agency. :) I didn't make an alter because I was required. I did what I was happy with and comfortable with. I think people having varying opinions and views is a beautiful thing. But not when we try to push them on any one. This is my blog and my space on the Internet where I can speak freely and share my opinions, and I'm sure people won't always agree.. I just ask that people make their comments out of love. Because that is the root of all religion. You are entitled to your opinion, I'm entitled to mine. :)

    2. Actually, yes it did. It was in celebration of the Goddess of Fertility. The fact that it coincided with Christ's death and resurrection was, I believe, planned. Rebirth, life, joy, light.
      (And yes, I am a Christian and celebrate Easter as such, but I also study religious history. )
      But Like Rachael said, we all should comment out of love. I'm sure even being Christian we celebrate it differently from each other and that is a beautiful thing! :)

    3. Of course! Nothing I said is NOT out of love- but I think I should be able to voice my opinion as well. To each their own :)

  3. I celebrated in a similar way having been brought up in a family that celebrated in a more "traditional" way. My hubbie and I spent the day starting my garden (my first one too!) enjoying Spring, and spending the day with our pups. I hope that your grass and wildflowers start growing soon!

    Happy Spring!

  4. I did not realize that Easter is a pagan holiday! I always thought of it as a christian holiday. I know of several christian families who do not celebrate Easter, and I thought it was really strange. Thanks for that little info :)

    I had a great Easter, and I hope you and Sterling did as well! Be blessed!

  5. I love this! I'm atheist and don't celebrate... instead I take a yearly camping trip and enjoy nature and the coming of spring and new life :) it's comforting to see others celebrate differently too... especially since I grew up in a traditional, Chrisian home and not every one in my family accepts my views! love your alter idea... I'm digging it!

    xx, kara

  6. Very beautiful! My sons and I planted flowers this year!

  7. I LOVE your celebration!!! <3 I celebrate Ostara *instead* of Easter, but I don't nay say Easter either of its roots and Jen's parents celebrate. Also, I think we have the same Budai! ^_^


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