Monday, February 4, 2013

Putting Forth Trust...

and letting go...

I'm a point in my life where I'm feeling ready for a big change.
I'm ready to let go of all inhibitions and fall (or fly) blindly. 
I'm ready to put full trust in the Universe.

I know that I can handle anything thrown at me. 
I know I can trust in myself to take care of me..
And I have full faith in Sterling that he can take care of us both if needs be.
(Ever think I'd write that?!)

I know that worrying is useless.
It gets in the way, because in the end.. everything does actually turn out okay. 

You probably have no idea what this post is even about.
I forget that most people (aside from Wicket and Sterling) can't read my mind. 

I'm just feeling a need to wander. 
A need to find new and magical places.
I think this time is coming soon. 

Perhaps within the next few months...
I may just pack up a small majority of my belongings, these handsome men, and my art supplies...
and just go.


  1. Go for it! Who's stopping you? :)

  2. awesome pic


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