Tuesday, January 22, 2013


This last weekend was a good one. I spent a bit of time wandering the roads looking for pretty things and pretty places.
Sterling and I drove out to the salt flats here in Utah.
We both grew up here, but we can always find more beauty even in familiar places.

I'm lucky Sterling shares my wanderlust. We both grew up here in Utah, and we are both a little dissatisfied that we are living here again.

To me, it feels like some people just can't seem to leave their home town, or even home state. They always end up back where they started. I'm afraid deep down that that will be me.
I grew up here. Left when I was 18 and came back after my divorce. I have this strange itch to leave again. I miss the traveling, the new states, the new people. The fears of moving and stepping into the unknown, and the comfort that comes with living in the moment.
So, I'm currently looking for a way out of Utah. It's time to find a bit more adventure.


  1. ohhhh i love the filter you're using on these photos.... they all look so dreamy! i def feel your pain... i've been trying to get out of VA for a year now. my goal is by this time next year to be on my way to washington state! we can do it!!!

    xx, kara

  2. I was born & raised in WA, I left a few days after graduation at 17 & until recently didn't look back. I loved TX, WV, and have tolerated PA. In fact, barely tolerating PA, and have for almost 13 years now. I am miserably unhappy here & want to move with a burning longing that is lodged so deeply in my heart & soul I have no words to truly give the feeling justice. It will happen, I trust in that truth with all that I am.

    Best of luck to you in your quest Rachael!

  3. woo stunning pics.



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