Monday, January 14, 2013

The Day Of The New Moon

The day of the new moon was a good one. Sterling and I went to several antique store and surrounded ourselves with "old" things. We spent hours just looking at the wonderful oddities of the past. We tried on hats, touched old bones and flipped through old books. Something about the mysteries of the past makes me happy. When you pick up an item and "feel" the memories.
It's interesting that we did so much antique shopping on the day of the New Moon.. Since the new moon is normally about, well the New.
I love the moon, and all of the phases of the moon. I'm lucky Sterling is just as into it as I am. Since he's been here we have been doing moon ceremonies together. Each one makes me love him a bit more. Maybe it's witchcraft and spells... Or maybe it's just discovering in different ways that this someone is just like me, my perfect match.

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  1. How very fun! <3 I love being Pagan. Nature is so much in my heart and such a part of who I am, same with the Moon.


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