Saturday, January 26, 2013

Pixie Dust

Please excuse my absence yesterday... I kid you not.. I was at the AT&T store nearly all day. I have been trying to get off a phone plan with my ex for a very long time, and yesterday was the day. Of course it ended with emailed threats of me going to prison for stealing his upgrade on his account. Which, I didn't know this was a felony, and punishable by law. Plus "stealing" and upgrade is impossible since I would have to be the account holder. Anyways.. oh man, it was a draining day that ended in a new phone, a new phone number and a free 80.00 case which I painted in sparkles.
Cause, you know.. I'm a pixie and all.
But yeah.. yesterday was a HUGE day of change.
Other than the phone plan being taken care of, I also sold my old car and registered my new one.

Today I'm taking it easy and working on that book I've been illustrating.
Can't wait to show you guys.


  1. Wow, that stinks. But I'm glad it all got resolved!

  2. ew! why do ex's have to be so nasty? glad all is resolved and you got a cool case out of it!!

    xx, kara

  3. Wow! That image is amazing. I think it was foolish of me to catch up on your blog reading it in reverse. oh well. It's unfolding in an interesting way.


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