Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Thursday Threads - In a Warehouse

I got this dress years ago and never even took the tags off. The other day it just felt right to wear. :)
Sterling and I went to Salt Lake the other day and decided to take outfit posts.. We were outside a building when a man invited us inside his warehouse. For some reason we didn't find this sketchy. We followed him in and talked about camping and running businesses. Then took photos. Good news, he didn't kidnap us, and we got great photos. I should be less trusting though.

Dress- H&M
Leather jacket - forever 21
Boots - forever young


  1. You look so pretty in these pictures, not that you're not pretty in your other ones. But extra pretty in these.

  2. that's such a cute dress! and fyi... you look adorable in these photos!

    i've been following your blog (originally from Once There Was A Tree) for several years now and it's good to see that you are doing so well! very happy for you, lady!

    xx, Kara

  3. That's such a great neutral should be able to accessorize it in so many wonderful ways.

  4. I'm glad you didn't kidnapped. Those boots would probably work pretty well for ass-kicking though :) And your whole outfit is perfect, as always.

  5. Your photos are amazing, I love your hair, your dress, your boots and that naughty smile of yours.

  6. that is a cute dress. I like it that you combined it with leather jacket. :)

  7. It's cute and looks good on you. You should wear it more often.


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