Thursday, December 6, 2012

And Now A Bit Of Good News

I finally got this painting back from the cafe in Salt Lake.
Just in time for me to get photos...
because it's been whisked away to another location!
Along with 14 other paintings.

So if you are in my area, want some delicious coffee and want to look at my art, please do.
They will be at Juice 'N Java for a month.

And as for the teaching job, thanks for all your support!
Yesterday I stayed after to help serve the kids at my school dinner.
(I mean, how much longer will I be able to do that?)
The kids were excited to see me, and everyone was saying hi all night.
Little did I know I was standing next to one of the head guys at my school.
Later that night he said to me, "Wow, We have got to find a way to keep you. The kids just love you."
Of course this made me tear up, in front of everyone.
But, I just love these kids.


  1. Your painting are seriously amazing!!!!

  2. maybe it will happen...keeping my fingers crossed for you - congrats on the display of your artwork :)

  3. I'm really glad that guy was standing where he was! I hope that turns into something!

  4. This is so cool! Your art is just gorgeous, seriously. One of those paintings is calling my name. My walls could use some life!!

  5. Your art wall looks rad! How exciting!~

  6. Love the paintings. Beautiful.

    And I hope something comes of the head guy recognizing how awesome you are. :]

  7. I'm glad you got someone who is rooting for you. I was so upset all night that your teaching thing was ending. So I'm sure you want to spend as much time as you can with your students. I hope they find a way to keep you, but if not, it's their loss.

  8. Congrats on the show. Your artwork is fabulous. You deserve the recognition.

  9. How exciting, the show of work looks fab. The comment you received from the head guy must of made your day. Good luck with everything, I am sure everything will work out. X

  10. wow I luv ya paintings, they r awesome..gud luck

  11. Hopefully they do keep you!! You are amazing <3

  12. At the very least, even if they can't keep you...he has seen how wonderful you are and could give a good recommendation and help find another job perhaps.
    Your paintings look so lovely up on a wall.
    Wishing you the best =]


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