Tuesday, November 20, 2012

My Dark Life Lately

My life lately has been filled with skeletons and bones.
Remember when I said I was illustrating a book?
The book has a very nice macabre dark theme, 
 to get serious about it, I've been filling my life with all things macabre.
I bought a beautiful anatomy book and have been watching beautiful horror films.
These sort of things feel so comfortable to me.
If you've been reading my blog, you know I have a bit of a dark side.
One that I often embrace, and one that I just love. 

So, here are some shots of my life lately.
Beautifully dark.


  1. It reminds me of Wednesday Addams. One side of me also like Darkness and Macabre. Great inspiration

  2. I found I was looked at strangely for my "darkness and macabre" skulls and bones pieces.....the explanation, in all honesty, is that skulls and bones to me at least, are "everyone" and "anyone", they're only dark in the caged mind's eye of the observer....once the shell, the appearance, the covering is removed,,,,we're left with a skull/skeleton that is us all without the interference of prejudice or hate or preconditions of physicality. You're not dark, you've got vision beyond your eyes' Rachael! I love skulls and bones too! ;)

    1. Perfectly spoken! I love it. I feel everyone has a "dark" side.. and it's not a bad thing at all! I love mine. Life is all about balance. :)

  3. skeleton is scary but that one siting next to your laptop looks cute :p

    1. The one next to my computer is named Clive. He likes to move at night!

  4. LOVE IT!!!!!! i love your skull sketch, too! we don't have to wear black lipstick and huge black trench coats with chains and safety pins in july to love the darker side! lol my macrabre interest is true crime- books, shows, documentaries. although the thought of actually hurting someone makes my stomach turn. i can't even be near the holiday turkey or ham when my mom cuts it with the electric knife! hahah i am drawn to the story and the mentality of people that commit crimes. i become connected to the poor victims and i feel so bad for them, for what they have gone thru. i also love anatomy. despite how different we are on the outside, where we live, when we were alive, or who we are, our bones are all the same. such a refreshing concept.


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