Monday, August 6, 2012

Portrait Project

Self portraits are something I would like to get better. 
I need a lot of photos of me for this blog and my shops. 
and currently I am not dating any one.
I would normally hand the camera to them and tell them which button to click. 
But it normally takes a lot of effort on both of our parts to get good photos.
Lots of running back and forth.
Adjusting lighting, and settings and then going back.
Much like using a tripod.
No offense to anyone who has taken my photos.
It's been good for them to learn basics of an SLR,
and we end up getting really good shots together.

But, I've decided to get better at using self timers, remotes and a tripod. 
This project will get very interesting when I start to go out on adventures alone.
And set up tripods in public areas. 
I'm actually a bit excited.

So, I'm starting a new little feature on my blog. 
The Portrait Project

I'll try to do photos once a week.
Post them here and explain them a bit. 

So, this first week, I wanted to start it off in my room.
I had the tripod mounted low.
Just above the bed's line, so I was a level above the horizon line.
I also flipped the sheets and blankets over so only white or cream was showing, and had my white curtains in the corner of the picture to create good composition. 
(Rule of thirds!) 
I sat right in the middle of the frame, but adjusted my body to flow with the rule of thirds/golden mean. 
This gives the photo good structural balance and composition. 
I adjusted the White Balance so that everything looked brighter and whiter. 
This is what caused my dress to "melt" into the bed and for my skin to look porcelain.
In this photo I'm laying the opposite way of the composition I created with the white curtains,
but to keep the rule of thirds in effect I left my legs up at the same angle of the curtains.
This creates good movement and balance.
I also had the camera set to only focus on my face leaving the other half of the picture out of focus.
This one is a little less visual interesting because I am in the center.
But, having me look away brings some of that movement back into the photo.

Composition is fun.


  1. cool project! learning new things is so good! wishing you lots of fun and success with it and i'm looking forward to seeing the pictures!

  2. Love this project idea!
    Very inspiring!
    Looking forward to seeing your new self-portraits each week. :)
    Did you use a timer for these?

  3. I love the lighting in all your pictures! Do you have any tips for a someone just starting photography as a hobby? :)

  4. love the second one, also the lighting makes your skin look divine! I've been following your blog for a while, and I'm super excited about this little series you've started. self portraits are sortof my favorite!


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