Tuesday, July 3, 2012

To Live The Way I Want To

(I claim no right to any of these images. 
I don't have the source, 
they just touched my heart a bit, and I wanted to share.)

I want to lay down in the grass, and watch the trees dance in the wind. I want to watch the stars twinkle and sing to each other. 
I want to be spilled out, like a puddle of silver rain.
I want to twinkle in the moonlight like fresh drops of dew. 

I'm tired. So tired. 

There is a certain way I want to live my life, and right now,
 I feel a bit far from it.
But when I think how to get there, I feel so close to it.
Like I'm already there. 
It's a bit hard to explain, so I won't.
Other than the feeling of being homesick, while in your bed.
Just know, I am tired, and feeling quite alone.
There are tears falling from my left eye, 
and I really don't know why.
Just my left eye.  

I'm tired, and exhausted, and feeling a bit drained. 
I am missing a moonlit field, 
where I can lay in the grass, 
with my arms full of starlight.


  1. Wow, I feel this way a lot of the time. I really enjoyed this post and all those images are beautiful!

  2. you are such an inspiring person. love you, Maria (Italian young lady in Manchester, UK)xxx

  3. i love this! i kinda feel the same way- like i want to drink in every second of every day, tackle a hundred projects, be the best momma ever, have a clean house, and an uncluttered mind. and its all within reach, but im so tired i can't push myself to grab it.

  4. Your post definitely resonates with me. I have had such a strong feeling of how I see the world and how I want to live my life but sometimes find it hard to counteract all the opposing energies around me. The more we strive for the type of life you talk about the better off we'll be, I believe.

    Thank you :)

    P.S. where did you find the 2nd photo of the woman with butterflies? I would love to use it as my desktop background but wonder if there is a larger version of it?

  5. That poem is so true, I feel like that all the time! That was an awesome poem! =)

  6. This is such an awesome and heartfelt post, which very nearly made me cry... this is exactly how I have been feeling recently... I feel like I am waiting for the next thing to tell me where to go and what I should be doing, but I can't seem to catch the hint.

    Such a beautiful post... know that we are all in this together, and you'll get there. You will. Have faith in the stars! They shine for a reason... :)


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