Monday, July 23, 2012


This photo was taken of me around this time last year.
What's funny is how similar I still look.
Like not a single thing has changed.
My hair is still the same, and everything. 
But, it's a ghost. 

You could look at this photo of me then, and look at one of me now,
and have no idea that I've cut my hair at least 20 times.
Dyed it pink, bleached it, dyed it and bleached it over again. 

You wouldn't be able to guess how much I've really changed, 
but also how much I've stayed the same. 
How "myself" I really feel..
and how "myself" I really felt back then. 

And then there is this photo. 
Of me and Mowgli. 
It was our time in Arkansas.
 Exploring an old abandoned cemetery together.
I took this photo out of focus. 
Because I knew at one time, that it would be a ghost.
The way that past part of me is a ghost.
The way Mowgli is now a ghost. 

We become ghosts.
Our past haunts our present selves.  
Haunting isn't always a bad thing.


  1. Pretty post! I love the idea of our past selves haunting ourselves.

  2. Every step we take we leave a ghost of ourselves behind

  3. i just relate to you so much!!! lol u do the same kind of things that i think about doing, but with work and children i dont make happen.


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