Thursday, May 17, 2012


A lot of tending has been going on lately.
Tending to my garden, 
tending to myself. 

I've been conditioning my window plants to be outdoor plants 
by leaving them out for a little while each day.
I've been working on the yard, and getting my garden going.
I weeded, tilled, and put up a mini fence.
I planted, weeded, and watered.
In a week or so, I will add my window plants to my garden.
And keep on tending to it.
Because tending should never stop.
I've also been tending to myself a bit more.
Being myself more.
Walking barefoot, taking time to ponder.
Private time, and Rachael time.
Time doing things that I love and need.
Increasing my personal vibration, and my personal happiness.
Let's never forget to tend to ourselves.
We too need a little weeding, rain, and definitely sunshine.


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    1. Thanks Eryka! I love it too... i might have to dye it brown soon... because it's starting to be very very unhealthy!

  2. I love this post. I've noticed since I planted my garden (it's a 50'*40' organic veggie garden) that my garden is usually a reflection of myself. When it's out of sorts, so am I. I haven't been taking enough me time lately and my garden is suffering for it. I need some time to pick the little horn worms off my tomatoes and reconnect with nature.

    I also love your tarot cards! I've always wanted to get a reading, but I've yet to find a place here (in the deep South) that does readings.

    1. Thanks Allison! Where in the south do you live? I LOVE the south.. I leaved there for about 2 years, Beale street had lots of tarot stuff, and voodoo. I LOVED it! If you ever want a reading, email me... I could use some practice!

    2. I live in Northwest Florida about a hour from Panama City Beach. We don't have too much around here (except churches and gas stations). I love things like tarot cards, and I totally follow the moon cycles. Around here, though, admitting to something like that will get you a yard full of angry peasant mob. lol

      Thank you for the offer! I'll have to do that. :D

    3. I live in Utah! There are LDS churches on every corner.. so when I find someone who likes the "weird" things I do, I get very happy! I think things like this are becoming more "normal" which is good!!

  3. I love your blog, i found it a few weeks ago and i read it when i start loosing doubt in myself and need inspiration. I have plants on my kitchen window, mint, thyme, tarragon, bamboo and a venus fly trap and i hang my herbs to dry from my kitchen cupboards. I love to watch them grow :) id love to have tropical plants but where i live in australia they are hard to grow.

    1. I have a venus fly trap and bamboo too! How fun! I raised most of my herbs and vegetables from seeds... so it's a beautiful process!

  4. You mentioned that you are walking barefoot! Have you heard of Earthing? (or grounding) There is now huge science to back up the benefits of walking around barefoot and your health. You should check out more info on it cause it seems totally up your alley. I could email you an audio book on it if you are interested! Also...conditioning your plants for the outdoors? That seems wise and my gap in knowledge about those kinds of things is probably the reason why I am terrible at gardening.

    1. I have! I SHOULD look into it more... but I really believe walking barefoot is good for you, and the earth. I have extremely tough feet, because I used to walk around barefoot then too. I even hike barefoot! It's wonderful. :)

  5. Rachael, I just wanted to say how much I enjoy your blog (especially your photos!). I discovered you from Pinterest when I re-pinned your dress tutorial. Anyway, thanks for having such inspiring words and pictures--your blog has become one of my morning "stops" while I drink coffee!

    ~Stacy @

    1. Thank you so much Stacy! I'm very very glad to have you here! This comment made me smile real big!!


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