Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Slowing Down

Sometimes it's okay to stop on the side of the road to say hello to a group of shy horses.
Sometimes it's okay to slow down just a little bit.
Slowing down is good for you, and those you slow down for. 

I'm incredibly busy lately. 
So busy, I don't have time to explain it right now.
If you have ordered something, it will be shipped out today. 
And then, maybe I'll slow down again.


  1. Wonderful pictures! Aren't horses just magical! xxx

  2. this is wonderrrrful! It's SO true. <3 and you are a cutiiiee!!

  3. Great experience to see such beauty!! Im so happy for you!)

  4. I love this! Such awesome photos too. Don't horses make you so happy?

    I've been forcing myself to take my kayak out lately so I can "slow down" and just take in the beauty of life, even when life is chaotic.

    So glad this happened, makes me happy just seeing it!

    Thanks for spreading the joy!

    Ryan @ Thismustbetheplaceryan


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