Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Land Of Yesterday

There is solace solitude.
And beauty in desolation.
There is peace in the forgotten.
And joy in the new.

We explored the ghost town of Sulphurdale again.
This time during the day time. 

This whole town was abandoned years ago.
But you could almost hear voices and foot steps.
The new residents walk on four feet, and speak a different language.
But, I'm sure they still communicate with the spirits that reside there.

There is mystery in the old and broken.
In the things and places of yesterday..
A land of forgotten words, 
holds so much beauty.


  1. GORGEOUS ghost town!!! Question: have you ever explored Silver City? (And I may have asked you this before, hah.)

  2. Love these pictures...

  3. beautiful post! great pictures! just wow


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