Saturday, April 14, 2012

You May Have Missed...

In case you aren't following me on twitter or facebook, 
here are some of the photos I've uploaded this last week.
I think I'm starting to get pretty good at this draw something game... 
Once I get an ipad, I think my skills will increase even more.
(So far, that's my main reason for wanting one, other than it's purty.)
I have been wearing my 4 leaf clover necklace like crazy lately...
and bringing my lucky penny around with me. 
I'm a superstitious girl.
I spent all day in my shop yesterday! 
I have many new things to show you..
including some new necklaces! 
Eeeek... I love these.
It's been a beautiful and stormy weekend.
My favorite.
This little dog really tests my patience sometimes.
This morning, mister Wicket decided it would be a good idea to run into the road.
It was early in the morning, and I was in a bathrobe, no make up, and wild and crazy hair.
I of course ran out after him, with my bathrobe flying right open.
I was screaming like a crazy lady..
I then grabbed him, brought him in the house and yelled while crying.
"You scared me to heath! Don't you ever do that again!"
I then thought, Wow, that was real. I thought that only happened in movies.


  1. beautiful and stormy is my favorite too! Can't wait to see the new necklaces...

  2. I'm so jealous of the storms you're getting! It's cloudy here in Michigan, but it's not supposed to rain. And I love your drawing of the narwhal - one of the only reasons I want a smartphone is so I can play that game with people. xx

  3. Hooray for stormy weather and painting.
    Un-Hooray for scary dog shenanigans.
    LOL @ Hunger Games reference.

  4. NARWHAL!!! He's amazing. :D You did a wonderful job on him and on that mountain! I'm so addicted to Draw Something, although I'm not quite as good as you yet. ;) Also, poor Wicket and POOR YOU!!! I hate when our babies do something to frighten us. However, I couldn't help but laugh over the Hunger Games reference. <3

    Also: we've been having some major rain in West Jordan. I am stoked!

  5. Im so happy you made a Hunger Games reference!!! Im glad Wicket's ok!!!

  6. hahhaha I love your hunger games quotes using(; so glad Wicket's okay!!!

  7. Those storm pics are gorgeous!


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