Monday, April 30, 2012

Sponsor Talk2thetrees In May!

April was not the fastest month. It kind of dragged on for me! Even though I was extremely busy. Luckily May will slow down a bit.. I've got big plans for May, and would love if you joined me on the blog this month! 

How it works:
-Your ad will go up on the first of the month.
-Large ads are listed first, then small ads follow.

-You can make your own ad or I can make you a custom one for $15.  
If you make your own, please be sure it's the right size!

Monthly Rates:

 The Extra Large Ad
There will only be one per month.
Extra Large Ads are 45$ 
This includes an interview, and your choice between a giveaway or a guest post.
You will get a solo post for your giveaway
and another solo post for your interview. 

The Extra Large Ad package also includes weekly shout-outs via twitter and facebook.

The Large Ad
 Large Ad's are 35$

This includes a group giveaway with the other sponsors. 
If no other sponsors are scheduled for a giveaway,
lucky you!
You will either have a giveaway with me, or a solo one! 

The Large Ad Package also includes a group interview post.

If you decide to sponsor another month, your second month will only be 25.00, without a giveaway.

The Large Ad package also includes weekly shout-outs via twitter and facebook.

The Small Ad
Small ads are 15$
There are no limits to the amount of small ads at this time.
This ad is a great and affordable way to get your shop or blog seen!

Send me an email at

I can make you a custom button for an additional $15. I will include HTML for you to use on your own blog too!

Giveaways: A giveaway is included in the Extra Large Adspace. If you are interested in just a giveaway and no adspace, the charge is just 25$.  Please note that the giveaway item needs to be worth at least $25.00.

Product Reviews:
 For a less costly way to advertise,  you may send me an item from your shop to incorporate into my weekly outfit posts! I always link what I wear, and do a little review for my etsy or other handmade finds!
The outfit post also gets onto lookbook, twitter, facebook, tumblr flickr, AND pinterest! It can be a great way to get your item seen! So, if you are interested, send me an email!

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