Friday, April 6, 2012

My Birthday Pup

Today is Wicket's unofficial birthday. 
The people who we got Wicket from, didn't know his exact birthday.
They said anytime between the end of March and the beginning of April.
April 6th sounded good.

This is the picture I first saw of him.
I was beyond smitten.
His white tipped tail, his stubby legs, his little pout. 
He has kept everything..
except that little pout.. It's turned into a big pout.
I got this sign as a joke at first.. but it fits him pretty well.
He actually will bit a stranger if he is scared enough.
He used to hop around like a little rabbit.
In August he lost all of his puppy fluff, and resembled a small coyote. 
He loved to play outside with Charlie, who now has a new family. 
I make sure to crawl around on my hands and knees with him often. Brad says I am weird.

Now that it's April, Wicket has grown in a long coat of pretty fur. 
We take him on adventures and walks. 
He is such a sensitive little puppy.
He gets offended by just about every loud sound.

But once you get to know him, he has the silliest personality in the world.
He loves to snuggle on Brad's belly.
He loves to look out the window and yell at the people walking by.
He loves to chew his bone, dig in the carpet. 
And of course, he loves me. 

He tells me when it's time to go to bed by waiting by the bedroom door.
I will place him on the bed, and take out my contacts and wash my face.
He will wait at the foot of the bed for me, and once I'm in bed, he will snuggle under the covers.

He tells me when it's time to wake up by shaking his ears on my face,
then growing at the edge of the bed.
He then waits for me at the foot of the bed to put my contacts back in.

He has the best puppy-dog patience I've ever seen.

I told him yesterday, he will soon be a dog.. not a puppy.
But he looked in my eyes, and gave me this look.. 
the look that said,
"I will always be a little puppy!"

So, happy happy birthday to my forever puppy Wicket. 


  1. How come Charlie has a new family? :(

    1. We moved into a new house, and couldn't take him with us. We found him a really good family who really needed him though :)

  2. Wicket really is a sweet little thing, once he remembers that we're friends. I hope he has a happy birthday!

  3. Dogs really are mans (and women's!) best friend. My little Ace will be 3 in June! They grow up so fast haha! Happy birthday Wicket!

  4. So sweet! :D Haha, in the last photo at first glance I thought your necklace was his claws and I was terrified!
    Miss my little fresh bulldog, I had to get her a new family too because of my job. Happy birthday to your sweet little guy!

  5. how beautiful, cute, small and tinyy friend! i love how you "illustrate" his sort of age-evolution by pictures, great pictures by the way, those which show him running or jumping are priceless! congratulations to him! and to you as well :) you both seem to make a good mate-couple. dogs are such amazing beings! for reasons unknown i've got 5 (most of them were picked up from the streets, homeless and hungry, and despite my family and I aren't millionaires, we give them all what they need, and love, of course.)
    It's said that the people who loves animals can't be bad persons, and i think it's true, as i think dogs are just as human beings but without the evil part. It never stops amazing me how they understand everything we do, like, dislike, feel or need, just like Wicket does with you.
    Enjoy! and keep creating awesome memories together!

  6. Happy Birthday Wicket!! Seriously the cutest dog on earth!

  7. AWWWHHH!!!! Happy Birthday Wicket!!! :) seriously adorable - that 2nd picture!!

  8. Happy birthday little Wicket! You are the cutest little doggy I have ever seen!!! You really do look like a little coyote, and it's adorable.

  9. Happy, happy birthday, Wicket!
    Love the picture where he looks like he's trying to tackle Charlie! :)

  10. Well my goodnes, u and your little puppy Wicket are about the cutest things I've ever seen! What a pair you do make. I loved reading this...I am thinking about doing pet portraits....and this made me think, why not a portrait with the owner? Happy b-day little bud. You've got it good, but I guess u already know that!

    1. Aw I LOVE pet portraits, I've wanted to do one of me and Wickey for a little while now!! I just haven't had the time. :)

  11. Forgot to leave my info:

    1. Thanks for these links! I LOVE your supply shop! As soon as I get a job or some actual income I want to make a purchase! (My "Day Job" just let me go this week..!) Beautiful stuff!!

  12. That is one cute puppy! The photo of Wicket chillin' on your shoulder is awesome - you make an unforgettable duo. ^-^ And though I'm sure you've heard this a million times, your hair is rockin'.

  13. super lovely dog, he looks very very nippy, like my dog! :D

    Wulan Wu on

  14. CUTE!! It makes me want a little dog even more! ha ha.. Ps i love love the bracelet you have in the last picture.

  15. I very much enjoyed browsing your blog until you said you gave your other dog away. It's too sad when people will get rid of a dog like they are a possession. Moving is no excuse. I'd live in my car before moving somewhere my babies weren't accepted.

    How are people loving this entry? priorities are skewed sadly!

    1. I never "got rid" of Charlie. I didn't dump him on the side of the road in a card board box with holes in it. I cried over this ordeal for days. I love Charlie, and had to make the right decision for him, for the neighbors and my roommate. I would never think a pet as a possession, and I'm quite hurt that you would say this. I do hope you have a good day, and try to be a bit more understanding.


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