Monday, April 9, 2012

Lovely Easter

Yesterday was so lovely. 
It started with weeding the garden, trimming the hedges and getting real dirty.
I wore garden gloves that made me feel invincible. 
I wasn't as afraid of spiders, snakes and worms when I wore those. 
 I then got cleaned up and ready for the day.
I decided it was a special day, so Wicket got to wear a special collar.
The was Mowgli's "Prince" collar.. even he only wore it on special occasions.
 I made some Easter Brownies, and packed up my stuff and Wicket's stuff, and
we went to Brad's Mom's house to eat dinner, dye eggs, and play badminton.
If ever there were Badminton Trading cards, 
I would consider star athletes like us, to be featured.
We then headed over to my family's house for a second dinner.
I of course, forgot to get pictures of that. 

I hope you all had a lovely Easter like we did! 


  1. your so pretty. end of story!!

  2. Ahh I love badminton! Best. Sport. EVER. :D I'm glad your Easter was so lovely, you deserve some smiles right now xoxo

  3. That is so sweet! I also love playing the sport with my family.

  4. Very Easter I am going to have to remember to dye some eggs because I've been seeing them around the blogging community and I think they are soooo beautiful! And it sounds like your Easter was beautiful and full of sun :D

  5. Im glad you had a lovely Easter and you look very beautiful! <3

  6. Those eggs are awesome. Luckily we had one family dinner on Sat. and the other on Sunday. That worked out pretty good.


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