Wednesday, April 25, 2012

A Lesson On Living

Wicket is such a little baby.
He loves to snuggle up on the couch, look out the window and play with his toys.
I'm trying to teach him to live a little. 
I'm trying to show him a bit of adventure.

We took Wicket up the canyons for a bit of exploring.
I decided to leave his leash behind. 
He did so well. 
Occasionally, I would have to call him back to me.
Occasionally I would scoop him up when I saw some bikers coming by.

This pup teaches me so many lessons.
This time, he reminded me how to live not merely exist. 

We have the option to live, or to exist.
And sometimes, teaching that to someone is a great way to live.

This place is beautiful..
Please don't miss it. 


  1. those last two shots of the mountains is breathtaking!

  2. Stunning photographs. I miss the mountains!!!

  3. these are GORGEOUS Rachael! (:

  4. Gorgeous pictures lady! Glad you had fun exploring!

  5. Go, Mr. Wickett! :)
    Great photos again, Rachael!

    This blog post inspired me to walk my Daphne on the common ground and around the block!

  6. Great picture and I love your blog!

  7. Beautiful place!!!! Thank you for sharing!!! Love the pictures!!!!)


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