Monday, April 2, 2012

Creating With Care: Inside My Studio

Hey everyone!
This post is a little late, I don't normally post so late in the day..
Today has been a pretty rotten day. 
But, I'm going to show you some of my favorite supplies.
They are eco-friendly, and recycled. 
These are great money-savers, which is good...
because the primary reason today has been so awful is,
I lost my job.

I won't get into details on that, instead I will focus on my favorite things.

Painting, and painting with fun supplies.

As you know, I do a lot of stuff with mixed media.
I put a lot of layers and texture into my paintings. 

Here are some of my favorites:
This is a sequin stencil. It's the waste left over from sequins.
 It's great for art stamping, and collage work. 
This piece was given to me by a friend, but these aren't that hard to come by.
When we moved, we noticed an incomplete deck of cards.
I think I fished this deck out of the trash, and have been using card pieces in my work ever since.
I save all of my scraps. 
These could be easily thrown out, or seen as trash, 
but I try to use every single scrap or paper, or fabric.
I'm always the one at Christmas who asks for the ribbons, and tags and tissue paper. 
Tissue paper makes great texture in a painting, and the colors will sometimes even run.
This is actually a shelf/rug liner. 
Sometimes, when you put these in the dryer accidentally, they tend to get a bit ruined.
For holding down rugs that is.
I use this like a big giant stamp. It creates fun bubbly textures.
This is a canvas wrapper.
It's basically just cellophane, and could be considered trash.
This is one of my favorite ways to create texture very easily.
Just use a very watered down paint, and apply crumpled up cellophane for a moment.
It creates abstract texture, but can also be used on rocks and tree bark.
This painting has antique lace on it.
I found some tattered lace at an antique store,
the sides were frayed, and it couldn't be used for much.
I bought it, and have used it in many paintings.
These are some of my favorite brushes to use.
They've obviously seen better days.
I think I left the giant orange one in mod-podge a little too long.
But, they are great. I try to never throw brushes away, 
unless they are totally falling apart.

Do you have a favorite recycled or echo friendly art supply?
Visit the Create With Care page!
This painting was done using many of the supplies shown above.
As was this one. 
"Shy but Spirited" will be available in the shop by this evening.
Only the original is being sold.
It's 5x7 mixed media for $46.00
If you'd like to reserve this painting before it's up for sale in the shop, send me an email here!


  1. So sorry to hear you lost your job. :(
    But I love your photos of your favorite art supplies!
    And your newest painting is absolutely amazing!
    The title is wonderful!
    I really enjoy reusing text, too.

  2. Oh Rachael, I'm so sorry! I know you'll pull through, but I know too how much you are hurting and scared right now. It's ok to feel both things. I've been at the bottom of that hole, and thought I was so alone. It wasn't until years later, looking back that I really saw how many people reached out and helped me, in big and small ways.

    There are so many people in your life and who read your blog that care immensely about you. They (we) are the hands that will catch you when you stumble.

    Sending you hugs, tea, and quiet time.

  3. I'm so sorry about your job! Its awful when bad things happen to good people--- and even though I don't know you, from the course of your writings you seem like a wonderful person!

    This post about eco-friendly art supplies is amazing! I love making things out of other things, and recycled materials really add that "something different" to a piece. Love it!


  4. Keep your chin up! I've been there and came out on the other side with a job I loved working for great people. I was so much happier at the new job and realize now that it was a blessing in disguise.

  5. i think most artist look at 'trash' and see what they can create or use out of it. i know i do!!

    and im so sorry about your job. i hope life lets up a little bit for you, i know its been rough. <3

  6. I just came across your blog. Very cool!
    When I was "downsized" from my job a couple of years ago, it was my chance to begin doing what I love. I know you have to pay the rent, but always focus on your art!

  7. Giday Rachael..sorry to hear you lost ya job, hey listen your art work I just love. You should concentrate on your art, and sell. Wonderful pieces. Take care my dear...oh.. luv ya little doggie :0) Ciao


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