Monday, March 12, 2012


Did you know that most life is "imaginary?"
Human beings are nearly always thinking.

Most of what we interact with is not actually the world itself, but our interpretations of it, our beliefs about it, and our expectations.

We have a very difficult time observing something without a biased view of our own opinions and experiences.
Two people can face the same thing, but see it completely different from one another.
We confuse it with the thoughts we have about it, turning it into something "imaginary."

This is why no one really knows what is truly best for you, even if they have "experience."
This is why those who are proud in the belief's will never listen to anything else on the matter.

As Mark Twain said: “I’ve been through some terrible things in my life, some of which actually happened.”

And it works the other way around too... sometimes in our favor I think.

How wonderful would it be to have something terrible happen to you, and you suffer no consequences?
How we deal with things, is based on how we see things.

Our minds are quite amazing.
Life can be bad, or life can be good. It's all about what we choose to see.

I didn't get much time to paint this weekend.. but I did spend a bit of time in my studio.
I had these thoughts in mind as I worked on this painting.

Depending on how you see this painting,
she could be blindfolded to where she can't see at all..
Or she is seeing through the lace, and has the prettiest view of all.

This painting was done on 5x7 canvas.
The lace is secured, but can be lifted so you can see her pretty purple eyes.

Because this painting is 3D I won't be able to make prints of this one.
I love love love this one, but it's for sale in the shop, with a really pretty price too!
I hope to find it a good home soon!


  1. WOWWWWW I want one in pink!

    1. Thanks! I could always make another one in pink! Email me if you'd like one! :)

  2. your paintings just get better & better!! :P (:

  3. When I see this painting I perceive it as a mother of daughters. She is either playing dress ups or a game of peek-a-boo.
    This is an interesting topic. Could talk about it forever. I have been in a position where my memories have been called into question after I wrote about them. And although I never exaggerated these memories I will agree that time and imagination can make us all see things in a different way.

  4. that is probably my favourite of your girl paintings ever. :o)

    yaga from Shiny Bubbles

  5. This is so interesting! Love the painting :)

  6. You are amazing and so insightful and this painting has to be my new favorite!

  7. I have never thought of perception like this but it makes complete sense.

  8. she is beautiful, love the lace detail! and i love the idea behind her, it makes so much sense.

  9. I love this. It really fits my life right now. I also love the 3D element of the lace! SO neat!

  10. Perception! A brilliant topic. Whenever I am feeling down or judgmental, my boyfriend reminds me to change my perception. Sometimes it takes a whole week but when I finally change my mind, the whole world looks freer. Your depiction of perception is amazing!

  11. Yes, sometimes we need to take a moment to reassess our interpretation of things. And when it gets really hard we need to realize that "it ultimately is all invented." Reality is but an interpretation and an agreement that the interpretation is truth. I love how you use words and images to convey your message.

  12. This is so so so pretty. I love mixed media art! Awesome job miss


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