Wednesday, March 14, 2012

A Bit Of Silliness

A bit of silliness goes a long way..

Yesterday was a pretty sad day for me. 

Yesterday marked the day Mowgli first limped in the house to me.. dragging his back leg. 
One year ago.

We were both scared and confused.
I rushed him to the vet.. 
and both of our lives changed that day. 

Much for the worse.

That day one year ago was very hard for me.
Just like it was yesterday.
Just like it still hurts today. 
 And ouch, this hurts

I got home that day, and decided to take some fun photos.
I did silly faces, and lots of smiles until I was able to cheer myself up a bit.

They say laughter is the best medicine, and I truly believe this.


  1. i agreee with lily ;)

    sooo glad the hair is backk!! :D

  2. I totally agree!! And tree drawings help too! If you haven't heard of Tim Knowles you should definitely brighten your day by checking out his work :-)

  3. i agree with Lily and Elisha too!

  4. Can I just say you are gorgeous and I love your hair! xxx

  5. Cute! I love the pink hair! :-)

  6. best hair colour ever, Rachael...<3<3<3

  7. set...ever!! Your photos make me smile!

  8. You really are so pretty. And I'm sorry about Mowgli. I didn't know him but he seemed like the sweetest little dog. My dogs were put to sleep last October and I can't believe how hard I cried. They really were my friends. I still miss them so much. I bet Mowgli and my two bulldogs are chasing birds together in Doggie Heaven:)

  9. these are great pics! It's good to see you cheering yourself up:-) They for sure did for me! I had to put my kitty down yesterday(14th). It was his time, but it is always so hard when you have to say goodbye. So, thank you for the fun and happy pics:-)

  10. This is actually a real therapy! I work at a therapeutic boarding school for boys with emotional issues, and this therapy is called "opposite action." They use it all of the time, and it really works! Whenever you are experiencing an unpleasant emotion, you can try behaving in the exact opposite of whatever you are feeling and a lot of times it brings you out of it (or at least helps you deal with it). It works really well with our kids with chronic depression.


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