Friday, February 17, 2012

March Sponsor Call

This March is going to be a good one. I tend to like the month of March. It signifies spring time, creating, and of course that little thing I call my birthday. 

I'm actually secretly afraid of this March. It marks a whole year since Mowgli died.. but I will be making myself busy so I won't have to think about that too much...

Anyways.. March is going to be a wonderful month for Talk2thetrees! I've got a spring show in Georgia that I've been preparing for all winter long, as well as a bunch of other great things up my sleeve. 

March is going to be good, I'll make sure of that.
So, in addition to my regular advertising rates and features.. I wanted to offer a special sponsor option to everyone. For March only, I'll be offering small spaces for free! I would love if you would include my button on your blog somewhere for the month too to make it like a swap, but it's up to you. This is something I wanted to do to show my love and appreciation to all my readers.

So if you would like to be a Extra Large or Larch March sponsor with the option to participate in a group giveaway, or solo giveaway please visit my sponsor page for blog stats, features and how to apply.

If you would like to be a mini March sponsor, please just send me your button, and grab one of mine! 
Oh, and by the way.. Spring is coming!
I heard all the birds chirping about it this morning.

Here is an update..
I've had so many people interested in the free spots! (Yay!)
but, I'm going to have a cut off date for the free spots. 
February 29th will be the official cut off date.
And remember, try to get me a 125x125px image for the small space!


  1. I grabbed one of your buttons, which is now on my blog! I have no idea how to make a button of my own; any suggestions?

    1. I just make one in photoshop, upload it to something like imageshack, and then grab the direct link. If you would like you could just get the image to me and I can do it myself!

  2. Thanks, that's great news! I really appreciate it:)

  3. I grabbed one of your buttons! :) You can take one off my page or I can send you one. Let me know!

    1. If you could send me a 125x125px image that would be great!!

  4. Your blog is awesome. I definitely added your button to my own blog. :)


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