Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Brighter Days

Today feels like it should be the weekend.
I feel like I should lock myself into my studio and paint.
It's very stormy and cold outside.
Very very dreary.
My favorite, minus the snow.
But even then, it's nice to look at.

This weather is the most inspiring to me.
I could make myself a nice warm drink,
turn on my favorite music,
and paint.

Lately I've been focusing on my Quote Paintings.

I love the whole process.
Layering the canvas with all sorts of things, then picking the quote that I feel would be perfect for it.
The quote that means something to me.

I'm going to try to explain why I choose the quote I did a little bit more often..
So people can understand what it means to me.

I first came across this quote while I was living across the country, and very alone.
I was in a pretty bad relationship, and doing what I could to get the money to travel home. 
One thing I would do to stay positive, was to remind myself, that I was indeed on my way to brighter days. "On My Way To Brighter Days" became almost like a mantra to me.. a reminder to keep going.
This painting includes real vintage lace, antique book pages, tissue paper, 
crackle paint, stucco, paint, love, and so much more.
It's on an 8x10x.5 stretched canvas, and the sides are painted to match the painting,
making it ready to hang. 
Of course, prints will be sold in the shop as well. 

This is the song I always sang to Mowgli. He really was my Sunshine. 
The one who got me through so much. 
It's been nearly a year since he passed away, 
 and tears still sting my eyes at the thought of him. 

I created this painting, with these words, because I'm not the only person who has a Sunshine in their lives. Everyone deserves a little reminder, that they are your Sunshine.. 
or perhaps you need a reminder that you are someones.
This one was done with tissue paper, crackle paint, antique paper, old book pages, and so much love.
Though the original has a very very special meaning to me,
 I am still putting it up for sale, along with prints.
It's on an 8x10x.5 stretched canvas, and the sides are painted to match the painting,
making it ready to hang.

"Even in the darkness, the smallest star will shine." 
This quote has been on my desktop for nearly two years. 
It's one of my favorites. To me, it means that this world can be a nasty place. 
Our lives can be full of hardship and worries.. but inside each of us, 
is the light of a billion stars, and it's up to us to shine.
Our light can inspire others, and light up the whole world. 
Even just a smile on a bad day.
This one was created with vintage books, antique paper, tissue paper, gesso, crackle paint, and like the others.. lots of love.
It's on an 8x10x.5 stretched canvas, and the sides are painted to match the painting,
so it's ready to hang.
 I'm putting the original and prints up for sale in the shop.

I'm hoping to have these three paintings listed by tonight.. 
Something about sharing my favorite quotes, a
nd giving the story, or explanation of why they are my favorite...
just made me so happy.
It gave me quite the warm feeling in my heart.

Hopefully tomorrow I will have even more to show you.


  1. wow rachael your cool beans. <33

    p.s. i talked about you on my blog :)

    1. Thanks Elisha!! I just saw your blow, you are too sweet. :)

    2. haha its REALLY nothing!! you INSPIRE. :)

  2. These are so beautiful!! I just love your quote paintings.

  3. what great pieces! I love the first one the most, because I am:-) Oh! And the 2nd I love it because I sing that song to Stanley my dog all the time:) he gets super excited when I do.

  4. Really beautiful. You are my sunshine is my song of choice when singing to my bf romantically ;) Your second quote there reminded me of one of my favourite quotes, "Winter always turns to spring."

    1. Yes! Winter Always Turns To Spring is one of my favorites! AND on my list of what to paint next. :) ESPECIALLY because it's so snowy today. :)

  5. I love the first and last quote! Both are so lovely and inspirational :)
    xo Heather

  6. I love those. Such positive and inspiring words would be great in anyone's house.

  7. Comfortably, the post is actually the sweetest on this deserving topic.........
    thanks for sharing......


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