Saturday, January 14, 2012

Love Comes First

There is exactly one month until Valentine's Day!
I decided my desktop wallpaper needed a new background.
I made it in photoshop, and used a picture from the New Years Party.
So, sharing the love..
I made a few copies free for download!
Paste your own picture on top of the "paper"
Download Here
Download Here


  1. ahh soo cool! definitely going to give it a go!

  2. I love your ideas!!
    You should come and visit my art hostel sometime and work on fun projects in paradise hehe. My best friend just visited me from Canada and she brought 6 tanks and enough fabric for us to make those easy dresses of yours! Thanks for the great tutorial :)

  3. oh my, I love your blog! I just came here for the first time and I am so giddy about finding you! And thank you for the free download! It is fantastic!!!

  4. Thanks guys!
    Knicki!! Your art hostel looks amazing!! I soooo want to go.

  5. Thanks Daniele! I'm so glad you like it!! xoxo

  6. These are great!

  7. Hey pretty girl!
    How have you beeeen?

    I had your button on my Blogs of Fame blogroll, but I now have a specified size for it so it would be cool if you could re-send one for me if you'd like. :)

    Thanks, hope all is well!


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