Friday, January 20, 2012

And Now I Know!

Now I know why I was in such a fabulous mood today!
SOPA and PIPA have been dropped today! 

Part of the email I received:

"We’ve won for now -- SOPA and PIPA were dropped by Congress today -- the votes we’ve been scrambling to mobilize against have been cancelled.

The largest online protest in history has fundamentally changed the game.  You were heard.

On January 18th, 13 million of us took the time to tell Congress to protect free speech rights on the internet. Hundreds of millions, maybe a billion, people all around the world saw what we did on Wednesday.  See the amazing numbers here and tell everyone what you did.

This was unprecedented. Your activism may have changed the way people fight for the public interest and basic rights forever.

The MPAA (the lobby for big movie studios which created these terrible bills) was shocked and seemingly humbled.  “‘This was a whole new different game all of a sudden,’ MPAA Chairman and former Senator Chris Dodd told the New York Times. ‘[PIPA and SOPA were] considered by many to be a slam dunk.’”

“'This is altogether a new effect,' Mr. Dodd said, comparing the online movement to the Arab Spring. He could not remember seeing 'an effort that was moving with this degree of support change this dramatically' in the last four decades, he added."   "

I literally did a little dance.
I never talk politics on my blog.
It's supposed to be a happy place! 

But when it comes to things like this, 
I couldn't sit it out.

I wrote 3 letters to congress,
signed several petitions, 
and even made a phone call.
Though, lucky me, the line was busy.
I would have talked the guys  ear off.

But in the letters,
I explained that I'm an artist.
A starving artist at that, and that I am living my dream. 
If SOPA and PIPA were to pass, I would no longer be able to do that.
Several of my artist, musician, and blogger friends wouldn't be able to continue our dreams.

I know that since PIPA and SOPA have been dropped, 
there is a chance they could still come back.
Lobbyist efforts and small amendments
can put internet censorship right back up there again.

But at least they know we won't go down without a fight.
I'm a very feisty girl, and I'm glad I have fellow feisty friends!

I'm very very proud to be part of these numbers.
I'm very proud that several of you guys helped out.
Thank you so much for taking a stand!


  1. This makes my creative heart so happy! I've been doing a little dance since I heard the good news too. I'm so proud of all the creatives out there that spoke up & made sure they were heard.

    I don't usually talk politics either, but this was definitely one thing I couldn't stay quiet about either. It feels good to know that all the petitions, letters, blackouts & phone calls actually made a difference!

    1. Totally! I'm so glad there was such a big number involved. Speaking out really does pay off!

    2. Yes, it does. I really hope this encourages people to keep voicing their opinions, instead of thinking they don't matter.

  2. REALLY?! ITS GONE?!!?!?!? HURRAHH!!!!!! :D

    1. It is for now.. but there is no stopping the changes and lobbyist acts that could set it back! So, for now it's gone!

  3. I am SO SO SO SO SO glad this was dropped. I was very upset by this (and I NEVER protest), but I protested by butt off! I'm so glad everyone else was as passionate about this as we were! I hope SOPA/PIPA never pops up EVER again!! This is the best news I have heard in quite awhile :D


  4. wooohooo! i am so happy that so many people banded together and stood up against this! =]

  5. I was so happy when I got the email too. I have a banner up on my blog. I don't feel like taking it down ever. You never know when they might creep up again. I could be out of the loop but I've been watching the news and haven't heard anything about it on tv.

    1. I thought about leaving my "stop SOPA" banner up, I might hace a little button somewhere... :)

  6. So many people have made a living on the internet and I would hate for any sites to be shut down.

  7. Hooray for that! I was very worried, and very frustrated, because it seemed there wasnt much you could do when youre not american... Im so glad people took the effort and stood up for something important.


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