Saturday, December 31, 2011

A Glipse

Today has been full of last minute party preparations.
It's almost all set up, and we've got everything we need. (I hope!)
We grabbed some sparklers, sparkly shoes, and much more! 
I can't wait to show you more pictures from tonight!
I hope you all have a safe and happy New Years Eve Party!

P.S. Thanks for all your comments on my blog post yesterday! (Well.. all but one. ;) )
You guys are the sweetest.

Friday, December 30, 2011

Hopeful and Heartfelt

I hope this post won't seem more negative than I intended. 
It is actually a lot more heartfelt than negative. Promise.

It's been quite the year. 
Full of ups and downs, losses and gains.
My goodness, 
I hope this next year will be a little calmer.

Just in this last year I have:

Moved cross country.
Got a divorce.
Met my current boyfriend Brad.
Found out I'm allergic to gluten,
dropped about 12 pounds.. and lost a lot of favorite foods.
Lost my best pal Mowgli,
Gained two new furry pals Wicket and Charlie.
Got a car, 
then lost the car (It's still broken)
Moved into my own tiny tiny apartment,
which flooded just a few weeks ago, 
resulting in many lost paintings.

And those are just the big things..
The little things add up too!

This year has seriously taught me the meaning of balance. 
That all things come and go.
Even the ones we love the very most.
Nothing is ever for certain....

And one time you are up, 
and the next moment you are down. 

Like a giant see-saw. 
And no one stays up for too long...

but we never stay down for too long either.

And I'm going to be completely honest with you right now... because this is my blog, and I'm allowed to do that.... I think this year has tried to kill me. I feel like I've been down for long enough. I feel like it's my turn to be on top. But I haven't felt that little rush of the see-saw going up in a very long time. Maybe this see-saw isn't the kind that goes up fast, and maybe it's a gradual climb.. but I just wish I could start to feel something. Because from what it seems..  the moment I start to get happy, something else terrible comes along. It's gotten to the point where I'm afraid to be happy! 
How's that for negativity? 
That's probably the most negative thing I've ever said on this blog. But the things is, I'm serious. 
I know I've had a lot of gains in all those losses. I don't fail to recognize the good in life, there always is some light behind the clouds... but to be honest, I'm tired of looking for that. I'm tired of being the one to stay positive and smile anyways. I'm sick of smiling and being happy when the world is crumbling. I'm sick of being positive through the negative... I'm just wanting to be positive through the positive for a while. But I guess we never get to make that choice.

And maybe next year won't be so rough. 
Maybe next year I won't have to be so tough.
But, like I've said before, 
we don't get years, or weeks.. 
We only get moments.

Life is hard guys.
And it's hard for everyone. Not just me..
Who knows why we go through what we go through.
Maybe it's to learn, maybe it's an opportunity to teach.
Maybe it's to appreciate the little glimpses and moments of happiness more. 

And now I say this, with tears in my eyes, and tissues on my lap,
because this was a hard post to write..

I hope this for everyone..
I hope next year is better.
I hope next year has more ups than downs.
I hope for more gains than losses...
And if we can't have that.. 
then I hope for more apparent reasons for the losses.

And now I say this, with an actual groan in my throat.. 
Uggghhh, you know what?
Even if next year plays out just like this year..
Even if next year is just as rough.
I promise to still be happy through it.
I promise to still find the light behind the clouds.
And I hope you will too.

And now I must end this post, because I ran out of tissues. 
But don't be worried about me. I really just needed to vent. 
I'm feeling better, and hopeful. 
And a little bad for being so negative. 
But I won't go back and delete, 
because honesty is the best policy.

Happy New Years Eve Eve..
Tomorrow is my classy, sparkly party.
And I'm going to send this year off with a bang.
And eat lots of black eyed peas for extra luck!

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Calling All Sponsors!

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Thursday Threads- I Will Wish For An Early Spring

I'm not the type who only wears an outfit once.
But there are certain things in my closet that I've only worn a couple of times.
I put great meaning on clothes. 
I don't know why.
I remember exactly what I wore when I met brad. 
And this is exactly what I wore the day I found out Mowgli was so sick.
It was one of the worst days of my life. 
Brad took me out to lunch and I felt so numb.
We accidentally dropped a dirty fork on this dress and it left a big stain.
I cried.
Brad felt bad.
But I wasn't crying for the dress.. it was just a really bad day.
(I can't even look at the pretty pink dress I wore when Mowgli passed away. 
Too many tears were shed while wearing that one.)

So, I decided to turn this dress around. 
It didn't have to be associated with such pain.
So, I got the stain out, and put the dress back on.
Bow Dress- I truly don't remember!
I believe I got the dress from Modcloth
Tights- Forever 21
Red Heels- Thrift Store
White Cardigan- Charlotte Russe
North Carolina Necklace- Alterdesigns 

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Autumn In The Deep Red

So, the massive amounts of water that poured into my house ruined a lot of paintings.
A lot of original artwork that won't be replaced.
Just days before I had worked on these new paintings.
And luckily, they did not get wet.
So I thought I would share them with you.

This one above is created using lots of texture, and even some golf leaf.
It's one of my favorites.
There are technically 4 new paintings, however the last one is a set of three.
But each piece can be purchased and hung individually. 
The original painting however, will be sold as a set. 
I will hopefully have these listed tonight.

I'm thankful these trees didn't get ruined in the flood!

Herbal Remedies

Today, I'm sharing with you,
the perfect remedy for a sore throat and a stuffy nose.

I woke up on Christmas morning with my cold back in full force.
I went about my day trying to make the best of it,
but my brother in law showed me the herb comfrey,
that would help me lots and lots.
So, I went home and tried it myself adding a few things for even more benefit.

I've always loved herbs.
I have a silver box full of herbs for teas, skin care, and other little remedies.
And I always love learning about new ones.
Comfrey and Chamomile

Comfrey is a sweet, cooling herb with expectorant, astringent, soothing and healing effects. It reduces inflammation and controls bleeding.It contains allantoin as well as high amounts of mucilage and also contains pyrrolizidine alkaloids and their N-oxides (intermedine, symphytine and echimidine), as well as tannins, triterpenes and organic acids (including rosmarinic acid).

In other words.. it helps your nose be much less stuffy. 

Chamomile is one of the most widely used herbs. It is a carminative, remedial tonic, which also has anti-inflammatory properties and is used to encourage digestion and boost the immune system.

In other words.. it is very calming, and boosts your immune system.

Next, get a pretty little tea cup like mine. 
Mine has a removable strainer, and a little lit to help it steep.

You could also use:
A tea strainer
A bamboo strainer 
A bombilla (like the ones used for Mate)
Or a tea bag.

Anything to strain the herbs, so you get mostly tea.
Next, heat your water up. 
Don't bring it to a boil, or let the tea pot whistle. 
This will make your tea bitter.
Instead wait until you can hear small bubbles forming, right before it starts to boil.
While your water is getting nice and hot fill up your strainer with the herbs.
I used equal parts of Comfrey and Chamomile.
Add your water.
This part is optional. 
You can either leave it to steep and get nice and strong, like I did with the lid..
You can hold the cup under your nose so you breath in the steam.
That is good when you have a really bad stuffy nose.
Let the tea seep for about 3-5 minutes,
or until it starts to cool off enough for you to drink it.
Remove the strainer, or tea bag or whatever you choose to use.
Add a spoon full or two of honey, and stir.
 Then drink it!
Be careful.. it will be hot.
If it's not sweet enough, add more honey. 
The honey will help your throat.
And if you choose to use a cup like mine, 
don't be surprised to see a lot of the herbs at the bottom..
Learn to read tea leaves! 
(That's next on my list.)

 And when you are done, 
wait a few minutes then blow your nose. 
The comfrey will make all that stuffiness in your nose want to come out. 
All at once.

Gross, but at least you will be able to breath. 

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Party Planning

Ever wish you could go to a classy party?
You know?
Wear a sparkly dress, and sip from a wine glass?
Well, I have.

And this year, I'm going to make it happen.

I've been planning this party since Thanksgiving!
Life has been hectic, but I still plan on making this happen.

I plan on sparkly lights, glitter and delicious food.
I wish you could all come!

Here is what I'm planning so far:

 Thank goodness for Pinterest! 

The last outfit is my favorite so far..
Since it matches the party colors perfectly!

I've never planned a party before, 
and I only have 4 days left!!

Follow along my planning on Pinterest And Polyvore!

A Little Bit Of Christmas

This Christmas was celebrated 4 times.
I was about Christmased out by the end of the day.
We celebrated Christmas with Brad's Dad's house on Christmas eve.
Where I watched this darling little boy be the cutest thing in the world.
Every time he did something cute, (always) I would whisper to Brad,
"I want one!!" 
This is Edric, Brad's nephew.

Later that night, I received a beautiful package from my friend
Mindy of Tim's Sally and Understory Essence.
It was full of beautiful goodies, and little things to be used as art supplies.
I cried when I opened it.
Mindy just opened another shop for lip balms and perfumes and all sorts of tasty things.
I'm so proud of her for trying such a new and different journey.
She is a brave, beautiful woman, and such a role model for me.

On Christmas Day, I was woken up at 7:15 by a sore throat and a stuffy nose.
I thought I had gotten rid of it all, but indeed I had not. It came back full force.
I wanted to sleep more, but there was a Bradley voice that said,
"But... it's Christmas!"
So, I got up.
Brad and I had our own Christmas together.
I didn't take a single picture because of how sick I felt.
But I'll tell you it was magical.

We took turns opening presents.
Brad would open one,
then I would open one for Wicket and Charlie,
then I would open one.

Later we headed to Brad's Mom's house and opened presents there.
Once again, I was feeling a bit too sick to take photos.
I did however capture this one of Wicket.
He is a silly guy who just loves to be comfortable.
He would rather lay in front of the heater than play tug of war.
So, instead of buying him a bunch of toys, I bought him a few toys, plus this bed.
I can put it in the middle of the floor, and he will just sit in it, or lay in it all day.
If I put it in front of the heater.. I have one happy dog.
Then we headed to my family's house for Christmas.
We opened presents, I scored some gift cards which helped go to a new vacuum (You can't have a corgi and not have a working vacuum...), art supplies,
hand made knitting needles and some clothes.
I also ate a lot of food.
Money has been tight lately,
and most of the cheap food all contains gluten.. (ramen.. mmmm)
so it was nice to have a filling meal that won't give me a headache for 2 days.
I had a very merry Christmas with my family, my boyfriend, his family, 
and of course my little stinky Christmas puppies.