Saturday, November 26, 2011


Today I'm feeling a bit like a recluse.
I'm feeling very anti-social.
Which is actually the norm.

After living cross country for so long with no close friends.. 
I started to prefer that.

I guess today, I woke up being mad at humans.
That sounds silly, but it's true.

We can all be so selfish and rude.

And I'm human too.
Should that bother me?
Cause it does..

I just want to stay inside today with my doggies.
Painting pretty people who wouldn't possibly ever be rude to anyone.
In my own little world.

But, we have plans today. 
A lot of them involve being in public and doing things around other people.

So, I will try to remember, 
that while we can all be so selfish and rude..
we can also be kind and forgiving.


  1. I go into "recluse stage" often, usually when I'm blown away by how mean humans can be to each other.

  2. Aww, I know how you feel. I used to be constantly surrounded by my friends but then I moved a little farther away and I rarely see them. At first it made me sad but now I like it that way. It gives me more time for artsy stuff.

  3. All those words are touching me so much Rachael... Is the same feeling I'm living through since some years... My friends are living very far and, even I feel them always by my side, sometimes I feel their empty space... and so it happens that for the outside world I'm a kind of a strange witch... Living with animals and a bad temper... But isn't so...
    Everyone need his own time...
    I love your final message, it's full of hope...A very good message really.
    That's why I love Talk2TheTrees so much.
    I love people like you...
    :) Have a sweet day! Take care of you!

  4. I definitely know how you feel. This time of year usually makes it worse. I often get depressed and anti-social around the holidays, even though I get to see family and friends that I haven't seen in a long time. It makes me think of how little time we have with them. So usually I would lock myself away with my cats and watch movies. Hang in there, girl. Even though you can't see us everyday, you do have friends out here too. :)


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