Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Life As A Horror Hovie

Yesterday was a busy day.
On top of weekend orders to get out, 
I had to take both doggies to the vet.
Because, you see, my life was like a horror movie.
Charlie spent a good portion of the day on Sunday
running around the house, throwing up. 

Imagine The Exorcist. 
It was a nightmare.
It's comical now, 
but running after him with a rag was not.
Especially because there was so much, it caused ME to be a bit sick.
I also wanted to make sure Charlie was up to date on all his vaccines.
Wicket was taken to the vet because his teeth are growing in crooked.
His adult teeth are coming in, but his baby teeth are not budging
A part of him wants to stay my little baby...
but it's causing his adult teeth to grow out at an angle.
Which reminds me of the Mako Shark I saw in NC once.
Now, imagine Jaws.
So, to keep me from getting attacked and eaten alive, 
and to save me from needing to floss out the food and random garbage
that gets stuck in his two sets of teeth..
He is getting his teeth pulled this Thursday.

 After the vet, we took the doggies to the Pet Shop.
Wicket growled and snarled at everyone he saw...
The vet puts him in a cranky mood.
Charlie wagged his nub of a tail at everyone, glad to be out of the vet's office.
We bought them some cookies, and little plush toys to take their mind off the vet visit.
We got home after dark, and I finished work.
Life moves pretty quick, and I'm busy quite often.
I tend to say yes to a lot of things, then I end up so busy, I can barely edit photos.
Just yesterday I told Brad I was going to have a little "Me" time, and he seemed very excited.

My "Me" time was me watching one episode of "Hey Arnold!"
while eating a salad as fast as I possible could.
Then, it was back to business.

I've got to learn how to say no.
I've got to simplify my life...

Maybe next week, when I'm all finished. 
(Insert winky face here)
(My favorite kind of weather!)


  1. Glad the dogs are ok.
    Me time, I need some of that myself.
    Saying NO, am working on that.
    I see the snow creeping down your mountains too.
    busy, busy too.....
    Have a great day.

  2. You are your number one priority & need to learn to take care of yourself. That is a direct quote from the head of the massage therapy department. He tells us that almost every single day.

    I'm starting to let the lesson sink in. Finally. I'm going to have a full body massage tomorrow & will only be giving 2 myself. :)

  3. It thrills my soul that you not only know what "Hey, Arnold!" is, but that you watch it. :) And cloudy, "drismal" days are my favorite, too. :)

  4. I'm glad everything is going to be okay with your pups. Thanks for visiting my blog. We were in Roy, which is near Ogden, and altogether way too busy for us. So now we live in a town of about 5k, it's an entirely different experience. Where in Utah are you? I love your big eyed woodland creature girl drawings, beautiful!

  5. I'm fine your pups are doing better... the last time, my older pup was on the couch and he threw up right on the pillow... It was disgusting and I remember I was going to do the same thing :)

    Take care about you... Sometimes a little bit of selfishness is ok... I always say yes, then, when is too much I try the "No" thing, and things are getting better... and curiously, no one gets angry. It means that it works good ;)

    Take care :)

    (These rainy, cloudy days are my favorite too!)


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