Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Advertising For December!

Talk2thetrees is currently accepting sponsorship
for the month of December!
How it works:
-Your ad will go up on the first of the month.
-Large ads are listed first, then smaller ads follow.
-You can make your own ad or I can make you a custom button for $15. 
If you make your own, please be sure it's the right size!

Monthly Rates:
Currently, Extra Large Ads are 40$ This includes an interview, and your choice between a giveaway or a guest post. If you decide to sponsor another month, your second month will only be 30.00, without a giveaway.

Large ads are $20 this includes an interview, and small ads are $12 per month.

All three sizes include shout outs via twitter and facebook.

I can make you a custom button for an additional $15. I will include HTML for you to use on your own blog.

Giveaways: A giveaway is included in the Extra Large Adspace. If you are interested in just a giveaway and no adspace, the charge is just 25$.  Please note that the giveaway item needs to be worth at least 25.00.

Product Reviews: (New)
I've had a few people ask if I do product reviews, and I haven't until now... I just never really liked the idea of someone sending me something for me to judge or review. But, it can actually be very beneficial to shops. 
Normally when I get something from a seller on Etsy I will wear it in an outfit post, this gets a link to their shop. The outfit post also gets onto lookbook, twitter, facebook and tumblr. So, if you are interested, send me an email!

If you are interested to know more about sponsoring 
Talk2thetrees check out my info page here. 
I have lots of room for ads, but limited room for giveaway! 
I've got about 2 spaces left! 


  1. Wow! When I finally get my Etsy Shop/Blog up and running in a month or two I'm TOTALLY getting in on this! Thanks for the write up! Hope there's open space then!

  2. What if I don't have an etsy but I'm still a crafter/designer?

  3. You don't have to have an etsy account at all!!

  4. Oh OK well great! I'm thinking about a small ad..:)

  5. I am very happy to find this blog. This is really helpful and thanks for sharing your email id i will surely use it.


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