Friday, October 28, 2011

How I Know...

 Wicket, last August. 

Wicket is a very complex creature. 

He doesn't show love the way I am used to. 
With Mowgli, I couldn't leave the room without him following me. 
Mowgli always had to be near me, or on my lap.
If I woke up in the middle of the night for a drink of water, Mowgli followed.
If I decided to stay in bed all day, Mowgli stayed too.
He even slept with his paw in my hand.

I guess I thought it was a chihuahua thing..
and I partly expected Wicket to be just like that.

Oh, he isn't.

This doesn't mean he loves me any less than Mowgli.
It's just a huge reminder that everyone shows love differently. 

Charlie shows love a lot like Mowgli... 
though his size makes the need to always be at my feet a tad bit annoying.
Charlie and I, last summer.

Wicket, like I said is very complex. 

He likes to be off doing his own thing. 
(Hiding under the couch, chewing sticks, stealing Charlie's bone.)
When you have food,  he tries to convince you he is your best friend. 
 He doesn't listen to you if you tell him to do something he doesn't want to do.
He likes to wake me up at 5 am to sleep in his own kennel.
He prefers sitting 4 inches from the heater than on any lap.

But, I know he loves me.
He is a secret "Momma's boy"

When he gets scared or hurt, he comes running to me.
When he first sees me in the morning, or after I get home he pees.. just a little.
He also wags his tail so hard and fast I think it will fly off like a boomerang.
When he feels like snuggling, he will snuggle all night. 
With his head on my arm, and his face nuzzled into my neck.
My heart melts for moments like these. 

Latest heart melting moments:

Charlie and Wicket have a constant fight over their bones.
I will give them each a bone, but any chance they get, they take the others bone.
It drives me crazy! 
I know how much they love their bones, but I hate playing bone coach.
Yesterday, Charlie was looking very glum. He already has big sad pathetic eyes, but he was really sulking for some reason, so I gave him a bone. He was soooo excited.. that is, 
until Wicket stole it, and hid under the couch. 
I wasn't about to put my hand under the couch and grab a slobbery, soggy, rawhide bone..
So I said, "Sorry Charlie.. you'll just have to wait."
About twenty minutes went by, and Wicket came out with the bone.
He set it down, and walked away. 
Charlie who was sitting by my feet in the depths of despair didn't even bother getting the bone. 
He was much too miserable. 
That's when Wicket did the cutest thing. 
He walked over to the bone, picked it up, 
brought it over, set it down right in front of Charlie's nose, and walked away.
  I was blown away.

Yesterday, I was out taking photos of the fall leaves when Wicket saw me, 
got so excited he bolted right over to me, causing me to accidentally take this silly picture.

 The day before yesterday, Wicket and Charlie were rough housing out back. 
Wicket tripped in a hole they had been digging.. His head hit the wall of the hole, but his body kept going. It look like it really hurt his poor little neck! I scooped him up and he put his head under my chin, and just sat there.. freaked out, in a bit of shock and probably pain,
but happy to be in his mother's arms. 
It was the cutest thing.. luckily Brad was right there with the camera.
Don't worry, he calmed down. 

We all show love a little different.
Sometimes it's hard to accept, and sometimes it's hard to understand.
But, I'm just going to smother my boys with love.. 
because that's how I show it! 
Me and my boys last summer.


  1. Oh I know this story all too well. My Sam (4 yr old chihuahua/terrier mix) is almost exactly like your Our 60lb lab/aussie mix is the lover of the two and thinks she has Sam's 12lb body. We love it all the same though. I'm like you and smother both of them anyway. :)

  2. I love this post! You have such cuties! I have 3 cats and two of them are total snuggle bugs (Parker & Remington) but the other one (Cyrus) can only be pet with one hand, doens't like to be picked up or even sit on the same couch as you but he's a little lover in his own way. As he gets older he's allowing more two handed touching but he's by no means a lap cat.

  3. This is such a sweet post :) And oh so true! Can't wait to get to my mom's this weekend and reunite with my two big golden girls and my three kitties!! Keep smothering them with love :)

  4. I'm so glad Wallie! It's funny how the little loveable ones think they are too tough for love sometimes.. :)
    Kittykerri! I used to have a cat just like that. She hated to be held.

    MindfulMovement, thanks so much for your comment! Have a good weekend with your furry pets!

  5. I heard lot of times that Animals have no soul...
    I always replied that isn't true. In facts, in my mother language, souls become = Anima and Animal is Anima-le.
    How can a living creature born without a Soul?
    So, the same people I heard talking about that thing, they were saying that Animals have no character. For them they are living things that are breathing, eating, sleeping... Expecially for the dogs.
    A lot of people look at dogs like dangerous, bad animals.

    I've learned with the years that every animal have a well-defined character... Just like all of us...
    Even my parrot has a well-defined temper... (A very scorbutic temper).
    I've got 3 puppies and 2 kitties...
    They have 5 different tempers...
    5 different ways to show me their love...
    5 different ways to react when I pet them, or reproach them when they fight among themself...
    5 different ways to ask for something...
    Yes, I was accustomed to the way my Lumpy did, when her body was still alive...
    In facts, for the first times, every other form of behaviour, was almost saddening or puzzling...
    But with the time I leared that there are 1000 ways to show the Love.
    Your puppies are so cute...
    The Dogs are the Mirrors of their "parents".
    If you treat them good, they'll give you Love.
    If you beat them, they become bad.
    There are no bad dogs, only bad owners.
    Have a nice day with your pups, Rachael!!!

  6. That silly accidental picture may just be THE best picture- EVER.

  7. I know what you mean. My chihuahua follows me everywhere. She's like me little sidekick.


  8. Awww Wicket brought Charlie the bone.. that is soo adorable! and i know what you mean about how dogs show their love in their own way.. each pup is different.. Guinness is a lot like Wicket.. he likes to sleep on the rug on the opposite side of the room im on.. and he likes to wander around in our backyard by himself.. rarely listens when i tell him to come inside and hes not ready too.. and sometimes he jumps off my bed at night to sleep on the rug by our front door..
    but i know he loves me.. when i come home from work he follows me around and when i pick him up he rests his chin on my shoulder like hes hugging me.. his tail is non stop wagging when he sees me.. and when hes trying to sleep and im near him he opens his eyes every few minutes to make sure im still here..
    and i love the picture of the three of you.. lol how much does Charlie weigh?

  9. Oh my goodness, this post made my heart melt. And I so know what you mean, with our boys. Mau will cuddle when HE wants to cuddle, but when he does, he really will. He'll constantly follow us and love on us, all day he wants attention. Wedge prefers to be left alone and doesn't like to cuddle one bit (but we still cuddle him! *wink*) Jango, our birdie, will sit on my shoulder and nom on my hair, he'll sit on my computer and talk to me, than fly over to Jen and do the same.

    They are all so different, but so special, to us.

  10. this was the sweetest post ever! i love how you remember little moments like these!


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