Thursday, September 8, 2011

Thursday Threads- The Day I was Sporty

True or False..

 I'm a very athletic person.


In both Junior High, and High School,
I came up with just about every excuse to not participate in P.E.
Sometimes I forgot my clothes, so I couldn't dress down.
Sometimes I had really really bad cramps. (This one was a frequent excuse)
Sometimes I was just sick.

The people in my class probably thought there was something seriously wrong..
 I just don't like sport.
I was the girl who ate lunch with my art teachers for goodness sakes.
The one time I did participate was..

I rule at badminton.
This is my Badminton Outfit. 

Though, it wasn't meant to be. 
I just happened to play badminton in this once.
I felt cool.

Mustard Cardigan- Target
Wolf Shirts Are Awesome T-shirt- Gift from my Boyfriend
Blue Knit Skirt- Forever21
Plaid High Tops- Forever 21

Did you have any good get-out-of- Gym class/P.E. excuses? 
I would LOVE to know..
Just in case.


  1. I have that cardigan! And I love it! Also....... I too used the cramps excuse. Male gym teachers never ask questions & never want details!!!! ;)

  2. Yes! I love this cardigan. :) I never had a male gym teacher! That would be so weird.

  3. soooo cute! :) I just wore a knee brace and that did the trick.

  4. Thanks Keith :)
    Ha, Mindful Movement, that would have been the perfect excuse!

  5. I was always terrible at coming up with excuses. I can relate on the badminton, though - ALWAYS my favorite. It was also the one sport I was remotely good at, conveniently.

  6. Cuuuutie! Did you change your hair? It looks different!

  7. Thanks Claire! I just left it curly :)

  8. Thts shirt. Is awesome! :) Ugh I'm taking a P.E. Class right now and I can't use any excuses because I need it to graduate. I even had to buy an awful uniform.
    Badmitton rocks though!

    --Amanda :)

  9. I had PE as my homeroom class for my last 3 years of high school. I wish I had the energy now to start every day with 1 hour of exercise! Now dog walking is my exercise & with a Pug, I don't have to go too fast ;)
    Love your sneakers!

  10. you are so freaking cute, rachael. your hair reminds me of your animal friends.. thumbs up!

  11. I dreaded PE, so much. Used every excuse in the book. ;)

    And yes: wolf shirts ARE awesome!

  12. My excuse (that not many people can use...) 'Well, i have Osteogenesis Imperfecta, soooo i dont think i should play football, because i broke my hand catching one last year... I'll just walk laps.' Very slow laps.

  13. Yes you are so cute Rachael!! Did you make/print your T shirt


  14. Thanks! :)
    I didn't make the shirt, my boyfriend bought it for me. I'm not sure where he got it. :)

  15. My school never let us get out for cramps. They would say excercise helped. It would make me mad, because I also hated gym.

    By the way, your outfit is so cute!

  16. we always used to hide behind whatever building was convenient every wednesday for 'run the mile' day. haha! i loved badminton too! i met my first high school boyfriend by wacking him in the face with my racket!

    your outfit rules. your shirt and shoes, love! and did you curl your hair or perm it? it is SO FREAKING ADORABLE.

  17. Thanks Bethany! My hair is actually naturally curly! It gets way curly when it's longer. Back when I lived in the south it was always always wavy from the humidity. :)


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