Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Lightning Storm

One time, I faced one of my biggest fears.
Actually all types of storms scare me.

I had brought the pups over to Brad's mom's house that day. 
We had a BBQ, and played some badminton. 
(I ROCK at badminton...)

Just as we were about to leave, a lighting storm started.
We sat on the back porch and watched.

We watched as the night sky lit up.
As thunder crashed and shook the valley.
We watched the nearby mountain catch fire.
We watched the firemen rush to put it out.

I was on the edge of my seat each time.
Scared to death.. 

but still trying to take pictures.


  1. Scary! We had one last night too! I love the pics! x

  2. i LOVE thunder and lightening. good for you, facing your fear. some of these shots took my breath away!

  3. Thanks so much! I think I had my eyes closed while taking most of these.. I was so scared!!

  4. Lightning is beautiful and you took some amazing pictures! I'm really scared of storms, too, mainly strong winds, though. Every time a tornado warning is announced I start to panic. You never know when a tornado is going to strike, or where and that's what terrifies me about them. I'd...rather not face that, though, LOL.

  5. When I lived in Arkansas there were lots of tornado warnings! I got scared and nearly cried every time!! Tornadoes scare me to death!

  6. These are beautiful! I tried to get a few when we had that lightning storm a week or two ago but just couldn't get a good one. Plus, Lightning scares me to death too! (But not as bad as earthquakes... thanks a lot Ms. Kelly...)

  7. Lightening is beautiful in pink! Have you heard lightening 'clap'? Some lightening clapped right over our house last year and I woke up to find myself crouched on top of my hubby, like a scared cat! I think storms are so beautiful because they are so scary.

  8. Yikes.. earthquakes are still scarier to me than anything else!
    Ajax, I think I've heard of that.. I'm not sure, but it sounds terrifying! I would probably be under the bed if that happened.

  9. Wow!!! For being terrified, you certainly got some excellent shots! My favorite is the second one, great job!

  10. Great photos!! I love lightning thunder storms.. Only when safe inside it scares t he shit out of me if it happens when I'm outside!!

  11. Those are awesome!! <3 Great job. I wish we had more lightning storms where I live.

  12. These are stunning! i like the ones that are all blurry becasaue the camera was moving. (well i thinks that why they are blurry) and the last one, Beautiful!


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