Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Gray What You Gonna Say

The title comes from Brad. I Think I said typed that correctly. He says that when he wears too much gray. He also has a line for all colors. Blue what you gonna do. Red, hear what I said.. and I really don't remember the rest.
But the point is, all things I'm showing you today are all the lovely color Gray.
Another big reason we went up the canyons was to take photos of my newest knitted wear!
I've been knitting like crazy! 
I like the look and feel of knitted goods over crochet. 
Crochet tends to leave holes and spaces.. unless you use a tiny stitch. 
So, here are my latest projects, 
they will soon be up for sale in the shop! 
Okay, I know this scarf is not knitted. It isn't even crocheted.
It's more of a simple Macramé.. but it's awfully lovely!
It's for sale in the shop now.. and a very lovely price.
I'm not sure if I will be making more of these, so if you like it...
grab it now!
Next are the lovely knitted wrist warmers.
They are simple knitted wrist warmers with ribbing on the tops and bottoms.
Of course, they can be made in any color.
See them here! 
These are knitted leg warmers in the same fashion.
Simple ribbing on the top and bottom.
They are super extra long and very warm and comfortable.
I only have pictures of them under the boots at the moment,
but they are still for sale.
Speaking of leg warmers.. I have lowered the price on both pairs in my shop!

And finally a matching knit hat.
It's a wonderfully simple slouch beanie..
OR you can wear it as a normal beanie with the brim folded slightly.
(I need pictures of this)
I love this hat!
Check it out here. 

And the simple knitted beanie for men!
It's about time I got some hats for the boys. 
The thing I love about all the knitted stuff:
It all looks so simple, yet sleek.
It doesn't look like it would take that long to make.. but it does.
They all go together, but could be worn separately.
They are perfect for beating off the cold weather.
They take me back to when I first started all this.
Learning to knit in North Carolina.. almost 2 years ago!

I know most of my beautiful readers are girls.. but spread the news about the boy hats!
Cause I'm super excited.


  1. you only learned to knit 2 years ago?!? and you've learned to not only knit but design beautiful, original hats in that amount of time?!that's amazing. mad props! <3

  2. Thanks so much Laura! I kind of think I'm quite behind.. I only know basic stitches! BUT I try to take advantage of that.. haha I still have yet to learn how to cable! Yikes.

  3. I'm glad you like them Gentri! I love them lots. :)

  4. Oh my gosh, you are amazing. @.@ These are all so, so lovely! I wish I had this kinda skill!!!

  5. Wow!!
    I love how cozy all of your beautiful creations look!
    PS I love your hair!! That pink is just dazzling!

  6. hi, I just got a gift card for barnes and noble... and I RAN...to "buy" the magazine artful blogging ....it's so expensive I can never buy... and there was your post..about divorce..I am married but in a private message some time...I could tell you more... but I felt a connection to your post..then I finished reading and ran to check out your blog.. when I saw your red hair.. I was hooked.. I just wrote a blog post about how I was treated when I dyed my hair. I love your dark and then light.. I might try it.. did you get it professionally done?

  7. Thanks so much! I would love a private message from you sometime. :) Email me at talk2thetrees@gmail.com :) I didn't get my hair professionally done. I just do it on my own once a week. :)


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