Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Puppy Love

I love my puppies.
Having a pup really changes your life. 
Each doggie has a different personality. 
Right now, Wicket is snuggled up to the heater and licking it affectionately.
Charlie is sleeping by my feet looking up at me every now and then. 
He has been worried since I've been sick all day.   

These pups love to play in the sunshine. 
A few days ago, Brad and I took the puppies to the park. 

Charlie loves to play fetch. 
Wicket loves to get in the way and run around like crazy.

I seriously love hanging out with my boys.
I'm the luckiest girl ever. 

Wicket has yet to learn how to fetch. He mostly just eats random bits of leaves and grass.
Or he just gets in the way of Charlie.

I just love playing with my pups.


  1. Oh my heavens, can that pic of Wicket attacking Charlie be any cuter or funnier?! I'm thinking I need to take my pup to the park this afternoon...

  2. beautiful photos of your puppies. :] the dogs are absolutely adorable.

  3. that picture with wicket leaping and almost crashing into charlie is so funny!

  4. oh looks like they're getting along pretty well :)

  5. Awww, I'm in love with this post!! You all look so happy, especially in the picture of you snuggling with both of the pups. Beautiful. Also, Wicket's ears are HUGE!

  6. Momma doesn't want me talking to people I don't REALLY know over the internet but I feel like I know you well enough. But since you don't know me...
    I'm 12 (Don't let it stop you from reading this!)
    I L O V E you blog!!!
    I discovered you via CraftGawker
    I've been sick for far to long and your blogs always made me feel so great!
    I want to take Charlie and Wicket and snuggle with their little cuteness of a doggy!!!!
    I just wanted to say thank you.
    You've inspired me
    You've helped me
    You've healed me
    You've changed me
    You've encouraged me
    You've helped me see how much I really do love photography and my iPod Touch!!! (Savin' up for my DLSR!!!)
    You've made me want to do even more and give 102%
    Thank You.
    C***** (I can't give my real name)

    PS- what camera DO you have?

  7. Hi C! Thanks so much for your sweet comment! This really made my day. I'm so sorry that you've been sick! I was sick all day yesterday, but Charlie and Wicket helped me a big bunch.
    Right now I have a Canon Rebel XSI, but I'm saving up for a better camera some day. Thanks again!

  8. awww family picture! charlie is a gorgeous pup and wicket is absolutely adorable. lol wicket doesn't fetch well? guinness, my little puppy hasn't learned fetch yet either, he usually runs after the toy i throw, chews on it for a bit, then starts chewing grass or random pieces of leaves and runs back with them in his mouth.. they will learn! having a puppy really does change your life!


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