Wednesday, August 10, 2011

From Memory

I love my two pups an awful lot. I love the silly adventures we all go on... 
But I sure do miss my Mowgli.

I know it's okay to miss him still.
And I'm glad I remember so many good memories.
(Instead of the terrible day he passed away..)

I'm surprised at the things I remember about Mowgli.
The way his fur felt, his goofy faces, his floppy ears and his curly tail.

I decided to do a painting of Mowgli.
From memory.

Many tears were shed while I painted.. 
But, I'm very happy with the results. 

It hangs on the wall near my bed.

This painting is not for sale.
Though limited edition prints might be.

However, this painting is listed as a custom painting..
Seeing it everyday has helped me heal a bit and smile in his memory.

I want to share that with others who have had a furry friend pass away.
I would love to paint other people's pets for them in this similar happy style.


  1. It's Jong! I LIKE IT

  2. Jong! Thanks so much for coming all the way to my blog to say that! :) Hoe you are having fun in NC. I'm STILL jealous!

  3. It's beautiful! And a lovely tribute to Mowgli!

  4. Rachael,
    I really know how you feel....I lost my sweet cat Leela on January 4th 2011. I miss her terribly and still cry missing her. My life will never be the same. She had a human soul that touched my heart and no other pet will be able to touch that. I still have my other cat that shared our home and her life and have since adopted two more cats. One a kitten and the other a 8 year old. They....all three of them are wonderful and I love them all so very much but as said, My life will never be the same since she has passed.

  5. this chokes me up. i love how you are dealing with the pain, very inspiring. honestly i think its harder to lose a pet than a human friend. im glad you remember the good times more than the bad, so special! much love to you, the painting is ADORABLE

  6. I know what you feel, as I cannot forget my Uyung, my beloved blind cat passed away few months ago. I cry every time I remember him.

  7. Oh my...I'm sitting here at work with a lump in my throat..trying not to cry yet smiling at this sweet tribute to you little lost love..he is magnificent! You captured his smiling eyes and his big heart so well. We lost out ShihTzu Charlie several years ago and still get misty when we speak of him..he will always be with us in memory and spirit, even though we now have 2 more little loves, Branxton our ShisTzu and Lulu - a Tibetan Spaniel. Thanks for sharing what must be a very personal loss.. :-)

  8. it's lovely- wonderful work painted with love! i'm so sorry about your sweet Mowgli! xoxo

  9. This is so very, very sweet!! (:)


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