Thursday, August 4, 2011


Sometimes inspiration fades. Motivation disappears, and you no longer know what to do. It's hard to want to create when you feel like you are just doing the same things over and over again. You finally gather the energy to create something new, but you just aren't happy with it. It becomes a sad cycle..
I think this happens to everyone. It's a sad cycle that is hard to get out of.
One thing I have learned in regards to this cycle is to embrace change. Sometimes change is the only thing to get you out a rut.

Lately I have been a bit unhappy with my artwork. It just feels the same to me. It got to the point where I didn't want to even paint. I decided to change styles a bit.

Whenever I paint, I like to use a lot of details. I don't show brushstrokes. My paintings are not realistic by any means, I try to show just a bit of realism with flawless skin and shiny eyes.
I decided to go a totally different route of what I am used to. I showed lots of brushstrokes, and lots and lots of texture. I used bright happy colors and lots or random things in my new paintings. I'm quite pleased with the results.
I feel I managed to keep a little bit of my style while incorporating a newer, "messy" look. I also choose to keep the paintings very positive.

Here are a few of the new paintings. I will  post more periodically.

This one is called "Coon." I have a slight thing for cute racoons. 
Mowgli's favorite toy was his Coon. He knew that toy by name.. 
I would say, "Mowgli, where is the Coon?" 
and he would run around the house until he found it.
The Coon now sits on the end table by my bed, he sits right next to Mowgli's Ashes.
Now, I have a little soft spot for racoons. 
This mixed media painting includes canvas, paper, paint, tissue paper, and lots and lots of love.

All of the sudden I was having so much fun experimenting with this new style.. I just couldn't stop!

This painting is called "Free To Fly"
One of my favorite sayings ever..
We really are free to fly.
We are free to do whatever we want, the only thing holding us back is our own minds.

This mixed media painting includes, fabric, tissue paper, handmade paper, paint, canvas, paper from vintage books, stitches, and just as much love in the first painting.

These paintings as well as prints are available in the art shop
Tonight I have a few hats to finish and ship out..
but the rest of the night is dedicated to painting.

I'm definitely out of that rut!


  1. Such a fantastic change! I love all the work you do, but I do think it's great that you're exploring something new that's obviously working out positively. :)

  2. Diggin the new style. so good :)

  3. i really love your new style of painting and how no matter what you go through something big and beautiful always comes out of it. it really goes to show what a great person you are and how lovely your soul really is.

  4. I love these Rachael, very nice!

  5. What great new paintings. Keep up the experimentation and pushing through the muck, and you will find the new direction you are searching for.

  6. Fantastic and I love the new profile pic!!!!

  7. love that you embraced the rut, instead of wallowing it in! it definitely led you to a new style that i think fits you pretty well. love all the texture in the new pieces. i'm going to mentally store this away for the next time i get stuck in a rut :)

  8. WOW. I love how your style still shines through! So glad you were able to come out of your rut. :)

  9. Thank you so much for commenting! I'm so glad you did, I love your blog! It's so cute and artsy. I also love to paint - beautiful paintings and photos :)

  10. i think we really have to undergo such phase. i had major blocks the past month, too and it slowed down my creative process. then i read on some art magazine that it is the part of a so-called "create and destroy (and vice-versa)" as an artist do his piece. he can't give birth that remarkable work of art if there is no phase in the process that challenges him. keep it up! ;)

  11. These are great and I'm having a similar problem with my designs at school. It's so hard to be stuck in a rut. Your new stuff is delightful :)

  12. yay! so glad you busted out of the rut.

  13. Found your painting on Pinterest! Love this post since I'm having a creative block, myself:) I pinned your blue dog painting on my Pinterest "Art I Love" board. So cute. Love your style! Thanks for your inspiring words.


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