Thursday, July 14, 2011

Solitary Adventure

Sometimes when I'm feeling down I like to get away from things. I leave the house, and try to find beauty in the world. I often drive or walk around aimlessly, or go towards nature. I seem to be drawn to cemeteries as well.
This last time I went, I took Wicket with me. I'm doing my best to teach him to be a big brave dog who loves adventure. He is really to learn the world isn't a big, scary, mean place... even though it often seems that way. It's a lesson I need to be retaught every once in a while too.
Not every dog bites. Not every car will hit you. Not every person will be hurtful. It doesn't always rain. Life isn't always hard. There are lots of things to remind myself and Wicket. We are both learning.


  1. Hi Rachael,

    I was wondering about the prints you make of your art. Where do you get it done? Because I went to my local staples shop and making a print of my painting cost me 29,95$! So I was wondering how much it costs you, where you get it done.

    Thanks so much! Btw, Charlie is adorable!

    Meg xx

  2. Hey Meagan! I used to get my prints done at a local print shop. They did them for me for about $2.00-5.00 I think. Which isn't bad, cause they were great quality. But after a while I decided to invest in my own printer. I bought a really nice epson printer, and some nice heavy duty epson paper. I'm able to get the same quality at my own home now! I think the printer I bought was the Epson Artisan.. But I can't be 100% sure since I'm not home at the moment. :)

  3. I do the same thing when I need some me time :)

  4. Thanks so much for your answer!

  5. Thank you Rachael, i needed to be reminded of this today

  6. Beautiful pictures, I really love the one of the angel. I wander by myself too when I'm feeling down. I like to go driving and then pick a random park on my GPS that I've never heard of ... I've found some really beautiful places doing that :)

    And it always always cheers me up.


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