Friday, July 15, 2011

Keeping Balance

I would say I'm pretty good at balancing out my crafts and hobbies.  I can't go to long without knitting or crocheting, I can't go too long without painting or drawing. It is about time for some new hats to be added to the shop.
First off, a big thank you to my photographer Bradley.
I asked him to be my photographer when he had no photograph experience. I handed him my big SLR and told him the basics. Since then he has learned a lot on his own. He has become a good photographer for Talk2thetrees.. he helps make the photos good by getting me to smile.. He always tells me I'm lookin good.

This first hat is one of my favorites. I'm in love with classy hats, especially cloche hats.
This one is made of organic cotton. It includes a lovely flower on the side.
One side is a bit longer than the other to create that classic cloche look.
The cotton is also very light weight and breathable! 
This hat is perfect for warm and cold weather alike!

This next hat reminds me of strawberry cheesecake!
It's made from wool roving, and it has the most beautiful colors.
It's super soft, and lightweight.
It's a bit over-sized so that it droops a bit in the back like a slouch hat. 
This hat is one of a kind. I won't be making this hat again!
Be the first to grab it here.

These next two hats are the same style as some of my other slouch hats.
I decided to do more earthy colors.
Browns and greens are so beautiful together.

And this last hat is one of my all time favorites.
I'm in love with this one.
It's a classic cloche style again, but it's convertible!
The extra long side that gives it the classic cloche look can be turned upwards into a small bill!

And there you have it..
Jewelry has been made, hats have been made,
next on my list to keep things in balance is to paint.


  1. i love your hats and your eyes are beautiful!

  2. love the cloche! it looks so classy and lovely! It reminds me of your "how to be a lady" posts :)


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