Sunday, July 31, 2011

Hello August!

July is about over.. it's time for August! August means summer is almost over and the Earth will be getting ready for Fall. My favorite of the four seasons.
August is going to be an exciting month. I'll be getting ready for fall and winter by making and posting lots of new hats.
I also just finished a big painting for a gallery in New York.. which leaves me a lot of extra time to paint!

August will be an exciting month for Talk2thetrees for various reason. I will explain these reasons as they come... since I don't want to spoil any surprises.

But things will be exciting.

I still have some spots for August Sponsoring... so, if you are interested check this out!

Also, don't forget about the weekly giveaways!
The winner AND the next giveaway will be announced every Monday.
There are still some spots left too! So, if you are a shop looking to get some views, hearts and sales, send me an email and I'll get you a spot! Remember, spots are free in August!


  1. "August means summer is almost over and the Earth will be getting ready for Fall." <--- that's only in the Northern Hemisphere!!

    We're getting ready for SPRING! Can't wait for Summer, and a break from this cold weather! :)

  2. mmmmmmm i can't wait for fall!!! this summer has been extremely hot (VA has been in the 100's for as long as i can remember!) i'm looking forward to cardigan weather and living off of pumpkin spice lattes! oh, and halloween! xx

  3. Hey love, how did you create this one? A picture in a font? <3


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