Monday, July 18, 2011

He Walks!

It's a miracle! Wicket has learned how to go one walks.
This is what the walks normally turn into. 
Wicket would normally get stressed about, 
lay down on the grass and allow himself to be dragged.
But, thanks to Charlie, Wicket has learned to be a brave walker!
It started out as a bit of a drag.. (literally) 
But then Wicket started to sense Charlie's enthusiasm.. 
and he started to run along beside him.

We sure love Charlie. 
He's a big sweetie who loves to follow me around, 
jump up on my lap and snuggle.

I only had to carry Wicket for a little while.. just while passing the big truck.

I've been taking the pups on walks every night. 
They sure do love their walkies.


  1. The picture of Charlie above the caption "We love Charlie" is gorgeous! His eyes look so deep and souful. :-)

  2. Goodness, I'd be scared of that truck! It's like a monster!

  3. brilliant pics! my little lady dog hates walking in the rain and we two have to drag her, we once ended up with what looked like a wet ball of mud rather than a dog due the the refusal to walk. She is going to see her big uncle bouncer (my husbands parents dog) who is a lovely old beagle and we are hoping not only will he teach her to like walking in the rain but to get some puppy manners! love that it is working out so well for you x

  4. congrats on the new pup! we just adopted a new pup too- alot like wicket. we think she is a chihuahua papilion mix. but she also has a hard time on her harness! its just like you described! glad i'm not alone. my other dog is a collie(lassie-look alike)he's kinda of a slow walker but i think walking together helps the little one also.

    i'm trying to find another type of harness for her because i'm not a huge fan of the one we have, but it fits-she's only 4lbs so its hard to find stuff. how big is your little guy??

    also i find it helps when she's protesting if i keep the leash taught(sp?) and turn away from her to the direction we are going, ignoring her. in less than a minute she will stand up and continue with us.

    anyways love your post! your dogs are adorable!!!

  5. Hey Eire! (Love your name!)
    Wicket is about 3 pounds.. I have yet to find a harness he actually likes. I bought a "no pull" harness, cause it's really easy to get on and off. He likes that better than the standard one.
    I've tried that turning away and ignoring thing.. and Wicket doesn't even care. He is an independent little guy.. Sometimes I'll call him and he won't come, so I'll just leave him outside so he can "miss me" 10 minutes later I'll come out and he will be chewing on sticks or sniffing flowers. He's a pretty adorable pain in the butt. :) Congrats on your new pup!! How exciting!!

  6. LOL that's cute.
    Thanks :)
    wow 3 lbs. i don't suppose you know any good tiny dog sweater patterns?? i've been looking on ravelry and the like and most are too big. i hate adjusting patterns :P hehe
    i just ordered a book off of amazon called Dress Your Dog. it looked like they had a lot of x-small dog options. I love your puppy hats btw. adorable!!

  7. I have no idea how to read patterns.. and I haven't even tried to make dog sweaters.. I'll have to look into it when it gets cooler! I'm sure wicket will get bigger.. he is only about 3 months old right now. The vet says he will probably be around 8 pound full grown!

  8. okay gotcha. its hard to tell from pics-i thought he was full grown. plus little doggies always look like puppies to me :) zoey is full grown. the rescue originally thought she was about 5 years old cause her teeth were so yucky, but after they spayed her and cleaned her teeth the vet thought she was more like 2ish.
    i'll let you know if i find any good patterns! :)


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