Wednesday, June 8, 2011

The Ghost Town of Eureka

We explored another Ghost Town the night after Thistle. I was feeling quite adventurous.. I still am. Eureka is by far the largest Ghost Town I have been to. The whole main street was still intact. There are several abandoned houses, mines and buildings there, even an old jail.
Eureka is not all the way abandoned. There are still a few residents living near by. We had to be pretty quiet and sneaky so we wouldn't draw too much attention to ourselves.

We made it to Eureka right as the sun began to set. 
I wanted to be there while there was some light.. and while it was dark. 

I'm not sure how the above photo came to be.. but I love it.

The sunset was beautiful.. but it left us with very little light in a spooky place.
I love exploring at night.  Especially Ghost Towns.
I have always been sensitive to spiritual occurrences.. 
(Did you know I used to work as a paranormal investigator as a spiritual medium?)
So I find it all very fascinating.  
The old mine.
Closer look into the old mine. It was blowing lots of cold air.

The abandoned main street.

I love hand painted signs, especially on brick walls.

Such a wonderful adventure.
I can't wait for the next one.


  1. wow your pictures are amazing! beautiful and some equally as creepy :) there is something so intriguing about ghost towns. it's sad and mysterious. i love it :)

  2. these are awesome. i love the sunset ones. you make me want to explore ghost towns.

  3. It looks like it used to be such a nice little town at one point.
    Those pictures came out wonderfully, and I also can't wait for the next one you go exploring. :)

  4. So many questions! Where did you find this place??? I didn't know places like this existed other than in horror movies. Awesome. Second, can you PLEASE PLEASE post about your previous job as a paranormal investigator and some of your experiences/how you came to work in such a profession? Would be so very interesting! I hope you are able to!!

    Great pictures btw, they are beautiful.

  5. No, I didn't know you used to work as a paranormal investigator as a spiritual medium... Please do explain! o_o

  6. My brother and sister stayed overnight there thinking it would be super creepy, but then they saw that people were still kind of living there, and felt more like they were squatting in their backyard...

  7. Tyler_Fraser, we found this ghost town (as well as Thistle) on - It's a website dedicated to all of the ghost towns around the U.S. and Canada. Check it out and find one close to you. It was so fun exploring this place. Rachael is a good adventure companion.

  8. I've got a book I got from work that has a history on all the ghost towns in Utah and the last few summers I've wanted to go around seeing them all and marking them off. Maybe I'll actually get around to doing it this summer!


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