Monday, June 13, 2011

I Tried..

Yesterday, after walking around a park in the canyons with my family, we stumbled onto a little bird hidden in the shrubbery. He didn't fly away as I got close to take pictures.
I was able to get very close without him even moving. It was quite apparent he was wounded.
He seemed very lethargic, and weak.
With the help of my brother in law we got him to perch on a stick to check his balance. By gently moving the stick up and down we tested to see if he would put his wings up. He did not.
 We guessed he had an injured wing.
That red coloring you see is the reflection of a red bag we held under him just in case he fell off his perch. He did not.

He hobbled around and followed us a bit. I decided I wanted to take the little guy home to keep him stable. I planned to get him some delicious meals of seeds, berries and insects. I put him into a small cloth dog kennel which I brought for Wicket.
Sadly he was not doing so well by the time I got home and transferred the little bird into his cozy cardboard hospital box.
I could tell he was dying so naturally I started to cry.

I was sad I didn't get to help this bird. I was sad that he died so soon.
After he passed, I went and sat outside alone until Brad came and put his arm around me.

I guess I am just a silly girl who cries over little birds.


  1. I cried as I read this story, so I guess that I am just a silly girl who cries over little birds that she never even met.

  2. Poor little guy. One thing I can truly be glad of is that you found him before something else did. Something that may have caused more harm. You gave him the very best you could.

    By the way, I totally cried while reading this.. So I suppose I'm a little bit silly too.

  3. This made me cry! :(
    You DID help that bird.. his last couple hours were filled with love because you cared enough to stop and help. A sad and a happy story all in one.

  4. It's a very beautiful bird. I grew up with farm people around me so I don't really cry when animals die, but that doesn't mean I don't get sad. I also find it kind of reassuring though... even though so many things seem to be out of scheme these days, nature's still there and we can't escape her ways.

  5. Rachael,
    You did help this little guy. He was waiting for you, and you came along and made him safe and comfortable. He could have suffered a lot more without you.
    My hubby and I are always finding injured critters, we do what we can to get them on their way, whichever way it may be.
    I am always humbled to have the opportunity to help something that is suffering. Sometimes I can only hold it while it dies, but sometimes, that is what it needs, just to be held.
    I think we're put in the right places at the right times, it's what we do at that time that matters.
    It's nice that there are people like you.

  6. Rachel, these photos are so beautiful. I am sorry for the loss of this beautiful little birdie, but I am sure he welcomed your love in the last few hours of his life. You are such a wonderful person!! xoxo

  7. I'm a silly girl too...This makes me sad.

  8. Ahhh, I cried while reading this too. He was a beautiful little bird friend and I'm glad he had you in his last hours.
    I've attempted to rescue birds several times in my past (although they were very young with hardly any feathers)...typically those that have fallen from the nest. I've never had any luck and it is always, always sad.
    Hugs to you Rachel!

  9. I'm a silly girl too. I think it's just because we have big hearts.

    If I could rescue every animal I found alone, I would.

  10. This was sweet. You tried. That is what matters. I am sad the bird didn't make it.

  11. You are a wonderful, kind person. Some people would just walk by & say " It's just a bird". I am glad that I'm not one of those people and nor are you. After a rain storm, when I'm taking my dog for a walk in the park, I'll take the snails off the path & put them back in the flower beds :)

  12. It's so hard when they don't make it, isn't it? My guys and I have tried to rescue many animals and most don't make it. You would think it gets easier, but it never does. So sorry for you and your little bird~

  13. Oh what a sad tale. I'm trying my best not to cry at work now! You did your best for him, that's what matters.

  14. aw. tears in my eyes too. birds have a soft spot in my heart. i would have done the same. and he must have been so grateful to you for comforting him in his last time of need.

  15. There's nothing wrong with crying over birds or any other living thing that needs help... I feel your pain!

    We often have little birds, injured, orphaned or just plain inquisitive, that find their way to our cottage and come in. He was meant to find you.. in some way, you helped him. :)


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