Thursday, June 30, 2011

Good Thoughts Needed!

Both of my babies are going into see the vet today. I dropped Wicket off at the vet this morning, he is getting a bunch of stuff done. Bloodwork, vaccines, microchip AND he is getting neutered. All in one day!

And poor Fungus has developed a nasty cough. So I'm taking him in before I pick Wicket up.

Today has been crazy, busy and expensive. I wish the vet didn't cost so much... but I spare no expense when it comes to my babies.

So, while I wait to pick up my sweet filthies, I am editing photos.

We got lots of photos yesterday. I will be posting a "Lookbook" later tonight... AND listing tomorrow!


  1. I hope they are doing okay, they'll be in my thoughts! I think of my kitty as my baby as well and know the feeling when any little thing happens! i hope they get better soon! :)

  2. They make places where you can go to get your cat and dog vaccinated for really cheap. Depending where you are, you could google places that do clinics.

    In case you need some better options.

  3. I got my puppy microchipped at the same time as he got neutered. Boy did I feel like a bad 'mum' that day; but he came home and all he wanted to do was cuddle and lick that part of his arm that they had shaved to put the anaesthetic in. You are doing good taking care of your babies so well.

  4. Your pets are in my thoughts :) And I LOVE your kitty's name.

  5. Sending good thoughts for your babies...I just took on of my kitty's to the vet...she has an upper respiratory infection...poor love, she hates to take medicine.


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