Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Another Teaser.. and a Dream

 The Jewelry is almost finished. 
The photoshoot is scheduled for tomorrow.
The listing will begin on Friday morning.

I've decided to keep it all in Talk2thetrees. 
I slept on the decision. 
(I take my "job" seriously huh?)

My reasons:
The shop name Sticks And Stones was already taken.
I've had jewelry in the shop since I opened shop. 
I don't want to order more business cards.
Diversity is good right?
Anyways, thank you all for your advice. 
The good thing about life is, if something doesn't work out, 
you can always change it.

In other news, I had another dream about Mowgli.
This one was different.
Normally my dreams involve him getting hurt, 
or him not being able to walk, but still alive.
Or him being healed miraculously. 
(Which makes me feel like I should have waited.)

But this one was better.
I just held him in my arms and walked around with him petting his little head.

Then I woke up and I felt him sleeping beside me. 
Where he used to sleep.. Right next to my heart.

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  1. i think its just fine to keep your jewelry and knit ware in the same shop! so far my clothing and jewelry for violet bella have gone well together. good idea. the only reason i opened a separate shop for roots and feathers was b/c it was a jewelry line also, but completely different than violet bella. i just felt it had to be separate. but it will be much easier for you this way! it can just be your 'sticks and stones' collection within talk to the trees! sweet dream of mowgli, xo. you two look precious in that photo!


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