Monday, May 16, 2011

Why The Name Wicket?


1. A small door or gate, esp. one beside or in a larger one. Any of the small arches, usually made of wire, through which players try to drive their ball in croquet.

2. A place of shelter made of the boughs of trees.

 3. Wicky (Urban Dictionary) ;)
A word used to describe the actions / appearance / all around "awesomeness".

And last... The REAL reason why I named him Wicket.

The resemblance is close enough for me. 

I WILL be making him an ewok hood. 
Just you wait.


  1. love it! he is sooo cute. and love the tag. :P
    i was so excited when the urgent care i was at today had return of the jedi playing in their waiting room!

  2. Oh, that is cute! I almost named my puppy Ewok for the same reason - when he was little he looked so much like one. Not half as much as your wee fella though.

  3. OMG!!!!!!!! he does resemble, how amazing :) I just love that name it is soo cute <3

  4. He is gorgeous!! Can't wait to hear about your adventures together - he's a cutie :) x

  5. you are by far the coolest girl in the world. how am i your boyfriend?!

  6. You better make him an ewok hood! I'm so excited for it.

  7. Awesome! I can't wait to see the Ewok garb!

  8. he is so so precious. i can't wait to see him in the ewok hood. you look so happy. and it warms my heart. miss you!


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