Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Welcome To Melody!

 Today's featured sponsor is Melody. She is fabulous at crochet! Her shop is fairly new and is still awaiting it's first sale! There is a certain necklace that I want to get MY hands on.. But, I should probably make sure I can afford first month's rent.  I think if it's still there in a few weeks I will grab it.. but of course, if one of my readers buys it, I won't be upset at all. Enough of my blabbing, introducing... Melody! 

Hello there, my name is Melody, and I've been crocheting for over ten years now. My mom taught me to hook the basic chain when I was nine, and I took off from there. I only recently began designing my own pieces and selling the patterns on Ravelry, and I absolutely love it. I love everything about crochet: the lacy textures, the versatility, and the total creativity!
I first started selling my patterns back in January. I had put up a few freebies on my blog before then, but I didn't become part of Ravelry until later. Now I'm trying to put up a new pattern at least every week. It's so fun! I mostly design fine crochet jewelry, but I do have a few hat and fingerless glove patterns. Did I mention I have a weakness for fingerless gloves? I like creating unique pieces, and patterns seem to be the way to go these days. I do hope to eventually sell the physical crocheted item, but for now I am developing my pattern designing skills.
I hope to someday have a successful side business as a crochet designer. It is a passionate hobby of mine, and I believe there is nothing better than making a bit of a living from doing something you love. It makes sense. 
Not many people realize that I love to write. It's another hobby (though not quite as passionate as crochet) that I would love to develop and use someday. It takes a bit of time, something that I don't have in abundance, but I enjoy doing it. 
Someday I would love to go to Italy! My family heritage hails from a tiny village in the southern countryside of Italy, and it is one of my dreams to visit this beautiful European nation on vacation and spend weeks exploring it.

Check out here Shop, and her Blog!

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