Tuesday, May 10, 2011


I've been so busy lately. Knitting, and crocheting hats, filling orders, working on custom paintings, working at work and getting ready to move. I promise I am still here.. I've just been a busy busy girl. We move in on Friday and I'm very excited. A lot more effort will be put into my shop and blog again. It's hard to find creativity, when your work space isn't very creative. I'm excited to have my work shop set up again, rather than stored in boxes. I'm excited to have my own place, and my own kitchen. I'm also very excited to be getting a new pup. I've been looking around for one, and will hopefully have one soon. For me, life isn't life without a puppy.

Your life changes when you are loved by a dog... Humans may say they will love you unconditionally, but I never can believe it.  A dog, however, is true to his word, because he knows no other way to be.


  1. sorry to hear about all your stress. your new place sounds lovely & i'm sure as you settle in your stress will dwlindle.

  2. Hey girlie i hope you feel less stressed soon :) Im so happy for all you've accomplished though!!! Your awesome :) Cant wait to see your new pup

  3. This is so true about dogs! I am in college, but when I get to come home every few months they go crazy when they see me. Being welcomed home by practically being punched in the face by their noses as they jump and jump all around me is awesome. I also know what you mean about hating to work out of boxes. It is hard to work on anything when you have to work so hard just to get started. Hopefully things start looking up once you get settled in!


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