Monday, May 23, 2011

Nealry Settled In

We are slowly getting settled into our new apartment. There are still a few boxes that show up periodically and a few things we keep forgetting to pick up at the store... but we are loving our little apartment.

Destinee and I each have little babies to take care of, so we are kept busy during the day, and kept awake at night.
This is Destinee and her kitten Samson. He likes to attack people and curl his tail under like a monkey.

Wicket has developed a nasty habit of growling and snapping at people if they come to close to him while I hold him. We are fixing that ASAP.

But I am quite pleased to say that we are settling in nicely. I almost have my workshop all set up, and I can't wait to start creating again.

Our house is filled with mostly my decorations. Which include lots of earthy objects, curiosities, bottles, tea sets and owls. So far no complaints have been made.


  1. such a beautiful home you're living in <3 I would love to have mine decorated with curiosities and earthly things as well <3

  2. your home is so pretty and unique; the owls actually remind me of a ring I bought (and posted about) recently!

    following you,
    beth x

  3. that looks so nice! aaawh, I love moving! well, mostly the moving in part. packing and transporting is not so great. :oP

  4. How awesome!!!! I love your new home, such CUTE decorations and i LOVE your puppy to pieces he is soo soo soo cute :)

  5. LOVE that skull!!!! i am a dental hygienist and i had one when i was in school and it broke :( ... super cool!! nice place :)
    -constance rice


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