Thursday, May 19, 2011

I like..

I like that my puppy trusts me enough to sit in my hand.
I like that he is small enough to fit in my hand. (I have pretty small hands too)
I like my puppy and his silly face and fluffy fur.

Today we are going to the vet for his first set of shots. I like this vet.. They are the ones who took care of Mowgli before he passed away. They don't refer to Wicket or Mowgli as my dog.. they call them my baby. I like that.

I hope I don't cry as I go to the vet.
I will pass the tree where I gave Mowgli his pizza..
Where we spent our last few minutes together in the sunshine..
And I will most likely sit in the same room where he passed away...

Life is tough.
but, I am tougher...


  1. I love that saying. Life throws punches, so punch back! I love your puppy and floppy ears!

  2. He is so precious! I just want to give him a hug!
    Love his natural little eye goggles!

  3. I am sure you loved him very much...I am that going was tough for you...I admire your strength...and I think that your new baby, is cure and so adorable...

    Take care...

  4. good luck girl. At least after the first time, it will probably only get easier when you face those things.

    I wish my pup still fit in my hands. He is too cute!

  5. My goodness, I think I've commented on almost every post about this little guy, but he is just way to cute!

    Adorable pictures :)

  6. So, so cute. :o)

    My sympathies go out to you. My husband and I are about to lose one of our babies...Bella, a 2 yr old Goldendoodle. She was diagnosed with cancer just a few weeks ago, and it's too advanced to treat with chemo. We'll have to let her go within the next week or two.

    Thanks for sharing the adorable photos, and for showing that things get better with time. :o)

  7. Wicket!!! I love that name!

  8. ohmygosh... such sweet photos. your puppy is a total cutiepie!

  9. and Wicket is a tough name! :) suits puppy! <3


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